Half Time

Paris Fortune is your average girl. She gets A- and B+ in her classes. She has 4 or 5 good friends. She's nice and blends in really well. No one really notices her unless she wants to be noticed. What happens when the new kid Blake Parker comes to town? He is 6'4 and muscular. Captain of the football team on the first day of tryouts. The first person he notices is Paris. Of course head cheerleader and queen bee Tory Miles wants Blake all to herself. Will Blake chose Paris over Tory even though he is expected to date Tory and be the perfect match for her? Or will Tory get her way and Paris go back to being the invisible girl she was since kindergarten?


1. Hi. My Name's Blake.


I was walking to English when my friend Rane ran up next to me. "You'll never guess what happened P!" She practically screams in my ear. I wince and pull away "Um..... What happened Rane?" I asked not really interested in what she started talking about. I block her out. The thing about Rane is she is the exact opposite of me. She is tall and really pretty and really loud. I am small and quiet and average I guess. "And then Steven left her!" I guess I caught the last of the story. "Oh that sucks for her." I try to recover quickly. "No. She hates Steven. Are you even listening to me?" She says as we stop and my English class. "Yes Rane. I always listen to you. I am just a little spaced because of the test today. We can finish this conversation at lunch." I say and hug her and went into Ms.Collin's class. I found my seat in the back of the class. I pull out my English book and start reading. August 15 may also on which he became king after his forces killed King Duncan near Elgin probably on August 14 1040. Shakespeare play, ending in Macbeth's death, takes place over a year whereas, in reality Macbeth ruled for 17 years. And it goes on about Macbeth and Shakespeare. "Okay class we have a new student joining us today. His name is Blake Parker. He will be in the class shortly after he finds his locker. We will make him feel welcome and loved here at St.Valley High. Let's do this the Bear way!" She says. Ms.Collin is always into school spirit. She should be a couch. Or the mascot. I went back to reading. And as soon as I was about to turn the page a knock came from the side of the room. We all looked over as a boy named Nathan Espinoza opened the door for I guess 'Blake'.  And just as I realized that the only two open seats were right next to me Ms.Collin started talking "Oh you must be Blake. Paris raise your hand. You can sit in which ever desk by her you want to sit in. Class this is Blake. Please make him feel welcomed here at St.Valley high okay? Paris it looks like you have the most classes with Blake. Do you mind showing him around?" Oh no. She want's me to talk. In front of everyone. With them staring at me. "uh- um yeah sure. I'll show em' around." I managed to get out before my eyes darted to my book. "Okay well the printer isn't working here or in the library so I guess you aren't going to have a test today. Free day! Talk quietly please. Or get on your phones. Whatever you kids do these days." She said as she went back to reading her book and put her feet up on her desk. I was getting my phone out when Blake poked my arm. I looked up to see what he wanted. "Hi. I'm Blake." He said. His voice was noticeably deep. Deeper than anyone I know. "Hi. Paris" I say. "So are you going to show me around today or are you going to let me fend for myself?" He said and started smiling. "No. I will actually show you around." I say as I get on Instagram. "That's cool so tell me about yourself." He said. "Not much to tell. I am 16. I like Punk and Pop music. I don't really like to be noticed unless I want to be. But I'm average I guess." I say. "Well. I'm 6'4. I really like football. I think I might tryout. The first day of tryouts is today right?" He asked. "Yeah" I said. "okay. Um I like Hip Hop and Rap. I guess I'm pretty average too." He said and smiled. The bell rang and I gathered my things and headed to math class. I didn't notice Blake was following me until my friend Ruby came up to me. "Hey. Uh Paris who is THAT behind you." Just then I felt a shoulder on mine. "Oh this is the new kid Blake. I'm supposed to show him around." I said. "Oh well anyways you need to get Rane away from me. I am so tired of the bullshit drama she talks about. You need to stop ignoring her. She's taking it out on me!" Ruby complained. "Poor you. Look I gotta get to math so can you not talk." I said. It was rude. But my friends should know not to talk to me unless I want to be talked to. Specifically complain. That gets me more pissed than anything. "Hi. I'm Blake." He said from behind me. I turned to look at him. Well I turned and looked up. "Hi. I'm Ruby. Paris's friend. She has probably told you all about me." Ruby said. "Uh no. Not really but I'm sure she was going to. We just met in 1st. Anyhow it was nice to meet you." He said and walked into the class. "You get to show that piece of ass around and I got to show Levi Henderson around. Lucky bitch." She said with jealousy. "Hey. I don't have any feelings for him and he doesn't notice people like me. After today he will have his own little group of friends and I will be back to my invisible self. 

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