Pen Pals

Everlee is a Princess, but she is nothing that her parents wanted her to be.
Landon is the child nobody wanted. He is abused daily... when they meet online they find the strength in each other to go on.


1. Prologue


        I stare at my complexion. I wonder what it would be like to be be wanted. I know fifty feet out that stone metal door are eligible bachelors my parents have chosen. They are all here for me, but I am not beautiful enough to be wanted that much. Once they meet me they will be anything but pleased. I am dorky, I am not blonde or blue eyed. I am definitely not a size two. These princes have expectations. They won't care for me as a person. They like wealth, and image. When they are seen in the New York Times; they want the perfect "trophy wife" and to have perfect porcelain children. Sorry to crush their dreams but that is NOT reality.

I am Everlee DeLoncrae, princess of Germany. I have hair resembling mud, I have dark brown eyes and my pants size is in the double digits. My parents expect everything of me. I am a future Queen, it may seem like a good reality... But there's no love in my family. They also believe arranged marriages are the perfect thing. I don't; I want to marry for love, not wealth. This is my life though, and I am not given a choice.

I grasp the handle of my bedroom door and look down off the stone cold railing. There had to be at least seventy bachelors waiting for me to make an appearance. Sweat poured off me and I could feel my legs shaking as I walked down the marble staircase. I could hear the announcer

" Princess Everlee has now arrived".

My heart was beating out of my chest. I was in the foyer staring at the double doors, deciding if I wanted to go in or make a run for it. At that time I wanted to make a run for it, but I knew if I did my parents would be so ashamed of me.

        After contemplating my actions, I reached for the rounded handle and pushed. I could feel the bachelor's eyes burning into my soul. Them taking me in for the first time, along with their hopeful parents. Then came the look of disgust; most of them left. The only ones that stayed were the ones that were either extremely desperate, or three times my age. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, I fought them as best as I could and walked over to my parents. The tears finally escaped as I sat down on my throne. My father rubbed my back assuring me that everything was going to be okay, but my mother just smiled.

        I was approached by a Prince about my age. He asked me to dance... he seemed nice enough. So I accepted. We were dancing, and he continuously stepped on my toes! He also smelled a lot like cheese. I held my breath for most of it. I couldn't make it through the end of the song so I just left. I went and cried. Cried about life, cried about not being worthy of my parents standards and of course I cried about my appearance. Why was I given a body that put me to shame? I went online desperate to cheer myself up. I came across a online website called "PenPals" I thought it was a load of garbage at first, but then I thought... what do I have to lose? Just make a fake name and nobody has to know.


        I watched how my father treated my mother. I couldn't stop it, he intimidated me. I couldn't run away... because he nailed my window shut. Most of all, he treated me the same. I live in a small town outside of Nashville called Brooks-County. I have a small house...a one-bedroom bungalow. My parents don't want to have to spend money on a bigger house to accommodate the child they never wanted; so I live in the basement cellar on an old stained mattress...that smells like God knows what. The only real gift I was given was from my mom, a laptop. Something that she gave to me to entertain myself. She felt bad that I had to be squeezed down there only able to come out at dinner time. I also only own four pairs of clothes. My mom was scared of my father. The truth is so am I. I was called to dinner around seven o'clock pm. I first saw my dad, I hated calling him "dad". He was never and will never be a father to me. I then saw my mom covered in fresh bruises from head to toe;she was holding back tears. I would be too if I had to sleep in the same bed with a man like that. I sat down at the table and my father piped up


A feeling of shock ran through me as I stood up "Hello mom, hello dad".

There was no talking from then on.

At dessert, my mother was slicing blueberry pie. She handed my father and I equal slices.

My father looked down at his plate in disgust. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT BUYING BLUEBERRY PIE? YOU KNOW IM ALLERGIC!" he slammed the table.

It looked like my mother jumped out of her skin. "Go downstairs son, and lock the door. Your mother and I have some talking to do".

I didn't think of disobeying my father. We all knew what "talking" was. He was going to hit her for a simple mistake. I could hear the punching and screaming through the walls. I was fighting back tears...Trying to stay strong for my mom. I don't know to this day why my father is like this.

        I pull out my laptop and searched the Internet for advice.

"How to deal with an abusive parent".

Half way through reading an article, an ad comes up on the screen; blocking my vision.

"Are you alone? Seeking a friend? If so join Penpals!"

I thought it was spam, so I ignored it...but as I read on, I couldn't help but notice myself looking out the corner of my eye to the ad. Before I knew what I was doing the cursor was already on it. I clicked it, I waited for the website to pop up.

I started to type my information into the fields; what could it hurt? I need someone, and it's not family.

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