Pen Pals

Everlee is a Princess, but she is nothing that her parents wanted her to be.
Landon is the child nobody wanted. He is abused daily... when they meet online they find the strength in each other to go on.


2. Breaking out of my shell


My fingers shake as I begin to write. I have no clue who I am writing to. I just joined a chatroom and hoped for the best.

I go by the online username of "Dee". I know I used a fake name but I know how people would react if I used "Princess Everlee DeLoncrae".

I slumped down on my bed and awaited a reply. I couldn't help but have butterflies in my stomach, after I filled out my application, I regretted it. Who knows who is seeing it; who knows who is on the other end. I had this feeling for most of the night, but I soon drifted off to a deep sleep.


I could still hear the fighting that was going on between my parents. I started crying... I know I'm being a pussy. Any other guy would go out there and help their mom. If I did I would be thrown out without anything, just the clothes on my back. That wouldn't be too good, because my mom would be left alone with that psychopath. I quickly shook the thought out of my mind before I got hysterical. To get my mind off of things, I just decided to check PenPals.

My eyes skimmed the profiles, a bunch of them were old men. I couldn't decide who I wanted to talk to; so I chose a random option. I slid the mouse over to the button.

Landonr23: Hello

I waited for a reply about as long as it took for my father to come in.
He caught me on PenPals.




My body went numb from the pain. By the time he was done I could barely sit up straight. I closed my laptop and fell asleep in a pool of my blood and tears. The next morning I woke up and looked into the mirror, I lifted my once blood stained t-shirt to uncover my skin once an olive colour, now to be a plum purple. I touched my bruises, I winced at the littlest touch. I went back to my laptop and continued to wait for a reply.


Dee545: Hello?

Landonr23: How old are you?

Dee545: I'm sixteen, how old are you?

Landonr23: Me too, what brings you to this website?

Dee545: Well, I don't have many friends where I am. I thought maybe an online friend would be better? How about you?

Landonr23: Let me just get straight to the point, just promise you won't leave okay?

Dee545: I promise

Landonr23: I know I just met you and all, but I feel I need to get this off my chest...

Dee545: Go on...

Landonr23: Well, my father is abusive. He beats my mom and I daily... I don't really have friends because he doesn't let me leave the house.

Dee545: So how do you go to school?

I guess Dee wont get a reply for a while; my father came back in again with his belt.

"You've been a really bad boy Landon"

He flung the belt around like some sort of toy. I don't know what I did to deserve this.

As soon as I turn eighteen, I am moving out of this place with my mom. My father is worthless, I never want to see him after I leave. I only have two years to go, but who knows what the future holds two years from now.

My father was abused as a child as well. I don't know why he would want to do the same to his family... His father brainwashed him. He used to be the perfect dad when I was younger, up until the point when I turned eight. He found out my grandfather had committed suicide inside his jail cell. He ended up killing my grandmother, He was convicted of murder. I fear that my father will do the same to my mother, but I can't think like that.


I stared at the laptop awaiting a reply, but all I got was a read notification.

My mother barged into my room like it was nobody's business, it only means one thing... she has good news. I have a date, with the guy who smells like cheese. Gross, my mother had arranged a date with him and I. This day keeps getting better and better.

"You'll be meeting tomorrow... So you better find something nice to wear" she fled from the room with excitement.

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