When the world is broken fight

A mad new ruler creates his dream of magic, but by doing so he has killed many of the worlds population with only 16.3% of the population survived. 9% were given powers while 8.3% were not effected or never in took the gas. When the world becomes broken and cruel what do you do? FIGHT!


1. Introdunction

 Dear Diary, I have decided to make a record of this journey of mine and my friends but first I must start from the beginning .It all begin when a two faced man came to power. He fed the people lies that things could be better that we will be better off with him. The desperate clung to his words in hope that they were true only to be stabbed in the back. He only wanted test subjects but even before that you need to have a theory before you can experiment. He made crazy laws so that way everyone would fallow with his experiments without a word or denial. He made half of the population scientist , insisted on survival training at schools, and the worst of all his name was never to be known or spoken. What will happen to the world.

Love-C Thoimkausu


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