I've given you everything, but I wanna give more.

Jasper has always been the shy type of guy and that hasn't bothered him, he keeps to himself and does his own little thing. Recently though, he's noticed his peers have been growing up all around him, doing new things, experiencing new fronts, and partying on the weekends.

Jasper was never included and never will be, to be blunt, things take a rather unexpected turn.


2. Chapter Two


How are you just like me?

I don't have anyone, and I don't like most people, but I've learned to cope over the years, just be my friend Jasper, I need a friend just as much as you do.

Fine, but don't handout my number okay?

I understand. See you at school.


I guess I don't know everything after all. I set my phone down, and fell asleep.


"Hey, honey, wake up please." Mom said.

"W..wh..at?" I muttered.

"I'm going to have to borrow your car to get to work today, mine needs to be repaired. So, I got you up early to walk to school."


This is going to be a rough day, I can already tell. I got dressed, did my hair a little, and grabbed my books, walking out the door.

The school from my house was a thirty minute walk. I traveled along the sidewalk in silence, as the sun rose. I could hear footsteps, matching my pace, behind me. I turned my head a little. It was a girl. Her face looked familiar, she was from my high school. 

She looked towards the ground, as her bangs covered her eyes, so I couldn't see her face.

I turned back and just kept walking in silence. I didn't need to talk to someone I didn't even know.

The silence was suddenly broken with a thud, as the girl came tumbling over and fell face first on the ground. 

"Ooof." I turned to go help her up.

"Here, take my hand." I said.

She grabbed it, pulling herself up. She had skinned her chin. Tears were streaming down her face.

"Are you okay? What's your name? Are you hurt?" 

"I'm fine. You ask a lot of question's don't you Jasper." She smiled, as she wiped the tears from her face.

"Y-You know my name?" I said.

"Well yeah, your in my class, but you never pay anyone any attention." She looked away.

"I'm sorry, I'm not the best at talking to others, let me put a band aid on that, you're bleeding." I grabbed the band aids from my bag, and put one on her chin.

"You're talking to me just fine though." 

I was close enough to feel her warm breath. My heart fluttered as my eyes met hers. 

"W-Well. We better get to school."

"My names Amber, by the way." She said.

I didn't respond, and kept up my pace. 

"You sure are a talker." She met my stride, looking at me.

"Right..." I looked down.

School was normal, well except David.

"Hey Jasper, how are you?" David said.

"I'm fine, what do you want?"

"Nothing, just checking up on my friend." He smiled.

I noticed a peculiar thing at that moment. A flurry of hair entered the room. It was Amber, with her band aid, and her medium length brown hair, and short physique. 

She was hanging out with the girls that had been bothering me yesterday. I had never noticed her there, and that surprised me. Her eyes suddenly met mine, and I looked away, my heart beating fast.

Why am I having these feelings? This is stupid, and too fast! I just think she is pretty is all...right? I pondered at this for a long time in class, slugging through my work, trying to finish it, but my mind kept tracing back to Amber. Why, why was this happening to me?

"David, can I talk to you later tonight?" I asked.

"Sure man, I don't mind at all." He said.

It was in times like these I wondered most about life, and the complications it held, I just wanted to know more about it. Sometimes we feel like we know what we are, and how we act, and how people view us, but the truth is...I'm still learning who I am today. Is that okay?

"Hey brat, she's talking to you." Cindy spouted at me. 

Cindy was the radiating 'says what she thinks' kind of gal'. 

"Huh..?" I looked up.

Amber was suddenly in front of my desk.

"Where'd you doze off to?" She laughed. "Anyways, can I see how you did number three? I'm not sure how to do it." Amber said

And thus, began the paper copier Amber. Along with the almost too good of a friend David. Things were getting interesting.

My feelings for Amber vanished afterwards that and I never texted David that night, but it was David who texted me instead.


I need your help.

With what?

I think I love her.



And what do you want me to do about that Mr. Romantic?

Can you just help me grow a connection with her? She seems like my type, and my heart falls out every time I see her. You two seem pretty close.

I guess, but I can't help you past the talking part.

Okay, thanks man.

David is crazy. That girl doesn't even remotely like him, or anyone for that matter. She is only there for her own best interest, and hangs out with tons of girls. Plus, there isn't a guy in this school she'd date.

Then, when things were finally calm, this happened.


Hey, is this Jasper?


To Be Continued...

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