How to Get Readers on Movellas

This is more like a guide for getting readers on Movellas. I really haven't used this website for a long time but here is what I know so far.


6. Tip #5

Your cover is very important. It is the main and only imagery your reader will see before reading your story. It needs to be attractive. Even if your editing skills are not that good, a basic cover should include;

- an image related to your story (the main character, a location, etc.)

- the title of your book

- the author's username


If you want to take your cover to another level, you can add a quote or a small text that describes your story. If you don't know how to make a cover, you can watch simple You-Tube videos to improve your skills or simply ask someone to make your cover for you. There are several people that make covers for fun (it's free) Your cover is extremely important!

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