How to Get Readers on Movellas

This is more like a guide for getting readers on Movellas. I really haven't used this website for a long time but here is what I know so far.


3. Tip #2

Make sure the plot of your story is interesting and it develops in every single chapter. Don't talk about the same thing every chapter. Instead, change around some stuff.  Change up your story because you are the author! Don't be scared to go big. Make it interesting so you get readers.


Here are some ideas you can put in your story; (Just some ideas)

- Someone dies in a plane crash

- Your main character is locked up in a room with someone they don't like

- Someone has a deadly disease

- A bad guy falls in love with the good character

- Your main character travels to a place that they swore they would never return to

- Your main character risks everything to save someone weaker than themselves

- A rumor spreads around. It soon divides your main character from his/her allies.

- The bad guy has an interesting point of view


These may not fit your story because these are just general ideas to spice up stories. If you ask me to, I can come up with something for your story also! In short, make sure your plot is interesting

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