How to Get Readers on Movellas

This is more like a guide for getting readers on Movellas. I really haven't used this website for a long time but here is what I know so far.


15. Tip #14

Question by @HeyItsJem : I have reads but no likes or comments. It's disappointing because I'm not getting any encouragement for it so I stopped updating. Can you please give advice?


Answer: This is a common problem for many writers. You may have a lot of readers but no likes or comments. These readers are called ghost readers who aren't involved. The most effective way to solve this is through Author's Note. You can put it in the beginning or the end of each chapter. For example:


AN: Hello everyone! The next chapter will come after I get 15 likes. Thank you for reading.


AN: Hey everyone! Hope you like this book. The new chapter will come after I reach 20 comments in total. Thanks for reading.


Other then that, TALK TO YOUR READERS. Explain to them that you feel discouraged and ask them for support if they like your book. Continue writing!






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