the tales of maraculas lady bug and cat noir "the hidden truth"

this book is about when ladybug finds out cat noirs secret identity and cat noir too


2. why adrien

as they come crashing through the door hawk moth suddenly started to change back.

cat noir

" dad!"


"no you couldn't be Adrien"

cat nor

"yes I must confess I am Adrien"

as ladybug ran away in confusion cat noir new it was time to tell his dad he was cat noir but then hawk moth 

turned around seeking revenge on his own son.


"okay if i know cat noir is Adrien, that means hes in love with me, ahhhhh"

cat noir

" ladybug wait "


"cat noir!"

cat noir

"no Adrien"

lady bug

" hey my day will come to but it wont come today>"


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