Shots of War

A series of WW2-era Oneshots


3. Black Rain

Disclaimer: doot doot how dark is it really

I'm tired of being ignored

That was what I told myself, back in 1931. By then I already stopped hiding, and I fought in the Great War. Then I already came out of 300 years' isolation and took my place in the outside world.

The problem was, in the time I've stayed at home, all my ties were long dead. Nobody knew who I was, or what I could do.

I am sorry for intruding, but if you have the time, please sit down, I wish to tell a story. The story of how I became a monster.


The year was 1931, and the West had a great depression. I was doing alright myself, which brings me to Manchukuo.

China-kun reunified himself, but he was fighting in a civil war against his Communist self. I saw it as my right to rule Asia, because he was too old, too past his golden age. That year I invaded Manchuria, who became my puppet state, Manchukuo.

1937 was the true beginning, though. China was fighting a three way war against me and Communism, and at the end of the year his capital was conquered.

I assume you want the whole truth...

I loved the adrenaline rush and the satisfaction of destroying my enemy, but I felt nothing but power.

I killed almost everyone there.

A wise man once said that you must work to become powerful, but you must also help your neighbors. Otherwise, they will drag you down. I lacked the mercy, and since the ones near me were dead weight, they became my empire.

A year later I made a pact with Germany and Italy. We were the Axis powers.


"Aah, America-kun stopped exporting oil to me, I can't just keep these battles going with my own reserves."

I thought China-kun would be an easy win, him being so unstable, but he is quite stubborn. Ugh, what am I to do? Well, cutting off my oil supply when I REALLY NEED IT is unacceptable... Perhaps I should go bomb one of America-san's naval bases... That will serve him right...

But what if he joins the Allies? He is fairly powerful, and I am already trying to hold off China-kun and Russia-san. If he goes to war with me... The results would be disastrous.

But I am running out of oil, and he just blew me off... If I plan this well enough, he will be incapacitated until I establish some buffer zones...

My planes flew over Hawaii on the morning of December 7, dropping bombs on his ships so neatly lined up against the docks.


You feel a painful burning in your collarbone

Hmm... Japan bombed me.

You pick up your phone and dial England's number

"Hello? Yeah, Iggy, about helping in this war... I'm in."


All those Asian countries in the south are under western control... Maybe I can get something out of it...

"Konichiwa, Indonesia-san, Malaya-san*. I apologize for intruding, but I suppose you must not be very happy under those westerners."

"It's frustrating, England takes the spices that I used to get rich from." Malaya replies

"Netherlands forces me to work in the sugar fields. I heard he wiped out the whole native population of one island, and replaced them all with slaves (1)." Indonesia shivered.

"I can help you win your independence. You see, they are currently fighting a war, it will be easy to break away with my help-"

"AIYA, aru, don't listen to him!"

"Ah, China, what-"


"China-kun, please shut up. You are my territory now." I gouge out his throat. Better for him to stay silent. (2)

"What do you say to my proposal?"

Days later the Allied forces in Malaya were defeated. I decided to kill all the Chinese people there. After all, dead people speak no truths.

Singapore wasn't very well armed, so it was fairly simple to conquer him...

Aah, England, we may have been friends, but this is war and you are the enemy. Did you know? Almost 80,000 of your soldier surrendered that day... Don't worry, they were quite useful as lab rats.

Netherlands had control over some other Pacific islands. I took those too.

As expected, America-kun declared war on me

Apparently he has more than just the massive amount of ships he had in Hawaii. I can tell he is stronger than me, but I hold my bushido very highly. It will be a great dishonor to surrender.

Aah, he took back Midway, along with more of those islands I hold so important...

Honorable samurais committed seppuku in order to avoid capture. Hmm...

There were so many people volunteering to be kamikazes, like a swarm of bees. We never go quietly, but with a hard fight and honor.


Your new boss orders to drop the bombs. You feel uneasy. Japan may have betrayed you, but you are launching a weapon of mass destruction on civilians.

He won't give up, though. You know you will regret your choice later.

"Okay, let's do it."


You start to leave.

"Oh, and Alfred?"


"It would be best to stay away from Ivan."

Ivan. Not Russia, not the Soviet Union. Ivan, your best friend and lover, trapped in a Red cage.


He dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I saw my leg disintegrate into a bloody stump.

So many

So many dead, and what of those still alive? Suffering.

I went to Hiroshima today. It was raining. Dark rain, burning my skin. It probably would have killed me if I wasn't a nation.

The Emperor wanted us to surrender. Before the war I would never have did it.

Maybe, maybe, I should start accepting these changes.


I met a Hibakusha on my way out of the Tokyo courthouse. My leg is still missing, so I walk with a crutch.

She had severe burns on her back, in a pattern. She said it was from the kimono she wore that day.

Aah, from pain comes things that are both terrible and beautiful...

China and Korea won't forgive me for what I did to them. I won't apologize. Sometimes we are too proud for our own good.

The Sakura trees are blooming. It's time to start over.

*This is Malaysia. Since he's under British control back then, he has a different name

(1) True. Dutch people are very scary.. O_o

(2) I imagine that he is under Japan's control, but since there's still a resistance and stuff he manages to sneak out and mess things up.

Hibakusha- someone who survived the bombings

Note that Japan did WAY worse than what I'm willing to say, mainly because I'm one of those people who haul ass when someone starts talking about rape and war crimes.

!READ THES ! - [I'm sort of curious, so whoever correctly guesses (without googling it!) what Black Rain is gets to choose a WW2 subject for me to do.]

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