Journal of Margaret-Holly Adkins, 1776

(COMPLETED) What would it have been like to be a girl growing up in Colonial America, in 1776? Learn about the life of Margaret-Holly Adkins through her inspiring journal entries. Read along as she deals with her friends and family life, as well as the struggle of being a proper young lady of her time, and fitting in with society's borders. Yellow for death and disease.

*I am not a historian, this isn't non-fiction. Facts may be bended for storytelling purposes. Please self-asses yourself before reading. There are some parts and references of death and disease. Happy Reading!


4. January 4th, 1776

Things seem to be getting better. Alice made a surprise visit with Thomas. They may consider moving back here. They brought Benjamin and Angelica with them. I gazed upon Angelica’s sweet face. She is so perfect and innocent. Unfortunately, Alice had to leave before the sun set. Thomas’ family lives nearby and he wanted to visit them.


Father was delighted to see Angelica, his Grandchild, second to Benjamin. His face lit up. Mother said goodnight to Elizabeth and I tonight. “I am so proud of you two” she said. “I am so glad you and I get to meet your sister’s baby daughter. I look forward always to see you and your siblings’ children”. Mother had a sister I think. However, I think she stopped writing. It is starting to snow as I am recording this. It is so cold I can only imagine what will be happening this day in July.

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