Journal of Margaret-Holly Adkins, 1776

(COMPLETED) What would it have been like to be a girl growing up in Colonial America, in 1776? Learn about the life of Margaret-Holly Adkins through her inspiring journal entries. Read along as she deals with her friends and family life, as well as the struggle of being a proper young lady of her time, and fitting in with society's borders. Yellow for death and disease.

*I am not a historian, this isn't non-fiction. Facts may be bended for storytelling purposes. Please self-asses yourself before reading. There are some parts and references of death and disease. Happy Reading!


15. January 15th, 1776

Elizabeth insisted that we go back in town today. She said she had forgotten her hat, but before bed last night I saw her stuff it into our dresser. So I made the long Trek into town again with Eliza.


When she finally got to Mr. Ronald's store, she peered in the window, and open the door. William was at the counter. I told her that I would wait outside because I wanted fresh air but really, I was just curious.


I turned around the edge of the store and duck below the window, which was partially open. “Elizabeth”  William said. He smiled. “ William”  Eliza said, quite dreamily.  Only then I noticed that Eliza was wearing one of her best dresses. I watched as she leaned over the counter I peeked my head just above the window, squatting in the grass.


William Tucker him from across the counter. “Oh Eliza,”  he said. “If only you could go to the ball with me.” Eliza smiled feebly. The dreaming it's in her eyes turn to sadness and longing.  “William, oh, I wish I could go but, I haven't got the money or the time”.  William thought for a second.

“Want to dance now?”  he said. Eliza nodded. So for what must have been 10 solid minutes they danced, Eliza’s dress twirling steadily in the sun.  They leave their way across the wooden floor, laughing and talking. At last they stop. “Come back tomorrow.” William said. “In a few days.” Eliza responded.


Align the world almost to the door her blue dress and brown waves spinning. “Wait!”  William said. He rose from his stool and walk towards Eliza. And with that he quickly kissed her on the cheek. Eliza sort of laughed. Quickly, I ran to my spot to return to beside the door as Eliza approached. And with that, we walked home in quiet. I had seen love at first sight.

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