Journal of Margaret-Holly Adkins, 1776

(COMPLETED) What would it have been like to be a girl growing up in Colonial America, in 1776? Learn about the life of Margaret-Holly Adkins through her inspiring journal entries. Read along as she deals with her friends and family life, as well as the struggle of being a proper young lady of her time, and fitting in with society's borders. Yellow for death and disease.

*I am not a historian, this isn't non-fiction. Facts may be bended for storytelling purposes. Please self-asses yourself before reading. There are some parts and references of death and disease. Happy Reading!


14. January 14th, 1776

I have been writing for exactly two weeks now. I went back into town, with Elizabeth, James, and someone new; Alexander. mother said she couldn't handle him alone with father and George was out with the horses.


So James, Alex, Eliza and I went to town. First we went to get sugar. We walked into a wood-paneled room with shelves and barrels. We walked up to the counter. William was there. It was kind of odd. For a moment, Eliza and him were in sort of a trance.


“Elizabeth, Margaret-Holly?” He said, “How are you?” We chatted for a little while. “I didn’t know you had a little brother!” William exclaimed after a bit when he noticed Alexander. James smiled. “Thank goodness it’s only him. The girls here have been tending to his every need while Father is ill.”  William got us our sugar and wished Father well. We went home afterwards and I couldn’t help to think about Eliza and him.

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