Journal of Margaret-Holly Adkins, 1776

(COMPLETED) What would it have been like to be a girl growing up in Colonial America, in 1776? Learn about the life of Margaret-Holly Adkins through her inspiring journal entries. Read along as she deals with her friends and family life, as well as the struggle of being a proper young lady of her time, and fitting in with society's borders. Yellow for death and disease.

*I am not a historian, this isn't non-fiction. Facts may be bended for storytelling purposes. Please self-asses yourself before reading. There are some parts and references of death and disease. Happy Reading!


24. February 5th, 1776

Father got out of bed today. The doctor was over and we all watched as he sat on the bed. Then, we watched as he pulled himself to standing, but still leaning against the bed. I think I saw Mother clasp George’s hand.


So, of course, Mother spent the rest of the day with Father, which meant Eliza and I spent the rest of the day with Alexander. I think at some point I heard cries of joy as I walked past the room.


I also went into town to get sugar. Eliza didn’t come with me. She stayed in our room with the curtains closed around her bed all day. When I went in to get changed into my bedclothes, Eliza’s bed curtains were finally open. I could see her cheeks were stained red from crying, but I didn’t mention it. We ended the night in silence.

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