A girl who is given 10 days to live and a struggling family who buckle from stress fight the fight of cancer


3. The Final Trip

The hospital. A place I knew well. As children me and faith were in and out of this place but this time it was different. For one big reason. Faith was so bad now. She had no hair left and she just wasn't her self. As the day when on a nurse approached me. The nurse was ruby's mum so I knew her and she knew me. The nurse took me to a privet room. She told me this
"Keyan. I know how much she means to you. But we both know with-out treatment she isn't going to make it out here. Please try to convince you parents to do this".
As much as I hated it at the time she was right. For me the tears had started i had to convince my parents. I had to. My sisters life depended on it. "Mum. Dad. I need to talk. Please. Can you let faith have the treatment. She needs it.  Her life depends on it and if she doesn't mean that much to you. Do it for me". Saying that to my parents was hard. They didn't want to hear that from me. Mum didn't like the sound of the treatment and dad just when along with mum.
"Keyan. I know this is hard for you but faith cant have it done. I'm so sorry" mum replied she sounded as heart broken as I was but the difference is that she was crying. That night I decided to watch movies with faith because we both knew it would be our last night together. We laughed and joked but the tears were never far away. At 1:00 am we both feel asleep it was the saddest sleep I ever had because I didn't know if she would wake up. The comforting sound of the heart rate monitor was nice though. It made me feel secure. Suddenly the sounds had longer pauses between them. Faith woke up. She grabbed my hand and murmured something. I asked her to repeat and she muttered again. "I love you" and with that the continuous beep of the heart rate monitor took her life away from me. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I screamed. The tears had started. A doctor was trying to restrain me from seeing her again "starting cardiac arrest" a different doctor shouted. Soon after the defibrillator came out. It was almost like my whole life was in slow motion. Doctors where running around. People were screaming and in the corner of the room stood mum. In dads arms the tears where flowing every where. "Clear" one doctor shouted as the defibrillator hit faiths skin she jolted but nothing. There was nothing there the person that once took the body of my sister was gone and wasn't coming back cancer has won the fight because cancer doesn't choose who it attacks. Some thing changed then. Because I lost faith
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