A girl who is given 10 days to live and a struggling family who buckle from stress fight the fight of cancer


1. The Big News

Things were normal until a few months ago. That was when it happened. It effected all of us but we learned to live with it. I keyan was effected hardest. Faith was my best friend and sister and when the news about her came out i felt like some one was ripping a hole out of my life. Faith was given a 3 months and ten day deadline. Mum was fuming. She demanded that faith was taken care of properly. I suppose it was hard for her to. She was losing her invention i guess, she cried the moment the news made it way to us. Broken down mum didn't go back to work for at least 1 of those 3 months. Dad however hardly shed a tear. He is good at holding a strong exterior. Apparently mum didn't like this. The arguments that happened now happened  over the fact that dad showed no emotion.
"Don't you care. Your daughter has 2 months and your watching football with a beer not showing any emotion. Are you even human?"
Dads point was always why dwell on the fact of matter. We should just give faith the best months of her life until the dead line was hit. He also believed we should just be normal. With all the emotion happening around me I bottled it all up. Yes she was my sister but I needed to keep a straight face. I only told a few people who I truly trusted at school. This including my best friend
And my partner of 3 months. I was in year 10 so everybody I knew had or was trying to get a girl/ boyfriend. My girl friend ruby was really the only person who I could fully trust. I told her every thing.  
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