A girl who is given 10 days to live and a struggling family who buckle from stress fight the fight of cancer


2. Build Up

The 3 months past and it was time for the 10 days to start. Faith was getting worse and we could all tell. At breakfast she walked slowly to the table. Even though she felt horrible she still cracked a joke and joined the conversation round the table. After getting ready i caught the school bus and got to school. School was so dull. 5th lesson was English with miss daviyes. While in that lesson every thing started to pile up in my mind. The truth that I was trying so hard to forget was coming back. The feelings were punching me in the chest. I was hearing the news bouncing around my head. It was getting louder and louder and louder until finally my emotions beat the strength my body was giving to try and stop the inevitable truth. As if by magic the tears started slowing rolling down my cheeks
"Keyan. Are you alright" miss asked politely. I didn't reply. In-fact I just stood up and left the class room. "SIT DOWN" miss was screaming and me but I just didn't listen. Running now I decided to leave the school building and using the skills I had learned over the 4 years of me being there I climbed over the school gates screaming as I ran. For the first time in ages I felt like I could show my emotion. The beach. That's where I ran to my little hidey hole in the weeds and dunes of the east coast. I just sat there crying my head off. It must of been a hour before I stopped and realised how much trouble I was in.
" your an idiot" shouted a voice. But who's. It was a familiar voice but back then I could put my finger on who it was. Who had found me? Why did they call me? To my relieve it was Charlie. My best mate. Or at least was. Some times he can be a little. Full on. That was one of those times.
"Ran away from school. Miss Davie's is going to kill you".
Charlie's voice at this moment was really annoying. I stood up, looked him dead in the eye and said something. I wish I hadn't but I was angry and it just slipped out I said
"Just piss off. You don't know what's happening so go fuck your self"
"I'm just trying to under stand so I can help you" Charlie replied. Sounding annoyed but in a very nice manner
"Well you cant". I screamed giving him a gentle push. He didn't like that one bit.
"Please don't. I'm trying to help you" he still tried to communicate but I shut him off
"Well don't" I was still shouting. To make sure I didn't do anything stupid I just left. While walking past the school I could see ruby. Standing where she normally stands waiting for me. School had only just finished so I kept my head down. I could hear some foot prints behind me but nothing to major.
"Boo" ruby said behind me. I didn't want to talk though. I just wanted to see faith. That night faith was at home chilling. She was wearing a snap back cap that read f*cking problems. She was snuggled under a duvet
 and she was even worse. Even though she was smiling you could see that she had been crying. No doubt about what was happening she was having a general chat but her words were not  as bold as they usually were and there was the occasional cough. Out of nowhere she just blanked out and was rushed to hospital.
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