Thoughts of love

Isn't the greatest pleasure in life to love and to be loved? Just take a moment and think of all the times you reminded of someone you love and smiled foolishly to yourself. I'm like that almost everytime I think of HIM. I wasn't sure if I had to write him a letter but I got nothing to lose...


1. Dear Mark,

Dear Mark,

I know I never wrote to you before but this time is a little bit different. It's because I can't tell you that in the face. I don't know what your reaction will be. But I feel like I got to do matter what happens next.

I suppouse you'll guess what I want to tell you in this letter.

The truth is that I can't stop thinking of you. Your smile, your eyes, your sense of humor. Your everything. I'm engaged with the thought of you. Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think about is you. When I'm under the shower and sing a song, well it is related to you...

I miss the times when we used to spend a whole day together. Do you remember that beautiful afternoon when it was rainy and we decided to hide on our childhood treehouse? Although the weather was bad and we couldn't take a walk by the river as we have planned, we spent the best day together in my entire life!

Then everything changed for me. I started to have feelings for you! Hope you feel the same for me...

P.S.: I still wait the promissed walk by the river.



14th of February

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