the bully

This about a boy Tim who gets bullied almost everyday but one day when he speaks about it on the internet things take a turn when famous people get involved.


1. The new school

Hello my name is Tim and this is the story about how i got bullied from middle to high school I'm famous today and i'm about to show you how all that happened


Just to let you know i live with my dad and sister cause my mom died of sickness my Dad is awesome and loves me and my sister Lindsay who can be annoying but we love each other is 3 years older than me i'm in 7th grade shes a sophomore in high school and i'm at a new school i switch schools several times and all of them i got bullied so this will hopefully be a fresh start right?


10 years earlier


"Oh good another school to ruin my life" Tim said "Don't worry son you will be fine its a whole new school" cheered dad "Just be yourself and everyone will like you" I thought to myself whatever. Then my sister comes down she's really popular and doesn't tell people were related "Hey honey want me to take you to school" Asked dad "Ugh i was gonna get a ride from my friend but sure whatever just drop me off a block away from school" Exclaimed Lindsay "Okay honey lets go" Lindsay goes out to the car "Do you want a ride too?" Asked Dad "No its okay i'l walk" I start walking to school and before i know it i'm there.


"A new school" said Tim its so big i have no idea where to go i was embarrassing myself already! "Ugh hello are you lost?" "Ugh kinda here's my class schedule and i'm the new kid" said Tim "The teacher said we were getting a new student here your room is two doors to the right oh and i'm Kyle" "Nice to meet you Kyle" Exclaimed Tim "You too" said Kyle 


Kyle walks away and my mind is going weird "DID I JUST MAKE A FRIEND?" shouted Tim  ugh this                    is embarrassing everyone is staring at me 


So now i'm in class and the teacher for history is Mr. Jake "Good morning we have a new student, Tim would you like to introduce yourself to the class?" "Sure" Tim nodded  "Hello i'm Tim Anderson I just moved with my dad and sister" I explained my family things to the class and before you know it lunch rolls around "Hey kid over Here!" was he talking to me? i go over to him "So your the new kid ah? i'm Ethan don't mess with me small fry cause i'm the cool one around here"


"Ethan leave him alone!" Yelled Kyle "I'm sorry about him he's stupid don't listen to him" Exclaimed Kyle "Okay thanks" Tim said thanking him  "Come over here you can sit with my friends"


To be continued while your waiting for chapter 2 feel free to check out my other story the haunting of Lauren Taylor see ya later




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