Tigers In Us

Blayze is pathetic when it comes to sports. At his school sports matter, not grades. This was never a problem until he is saved, from a routine fight. Then it's a problem.


9. chapter 9

Kimball sat next to me with a palette of oil paints.  “Ready for tomorrow?” she asked.  I was finishing my tiger carving.

“I’ll never be ready,” I replied.

“You have learned a lot,” she instead.

“No I mean I don’t want to fight,” I said.

“Fair enough,” she replied.

“You have a fire in you, so should I say eye of the tiger,” she announced.

I nearly dropped my carving.

“We won't lose,” she added.

“We?!” I asked.

“Are I not coming?” she asked in return.

“You want to!” I exclaimed.  A guilty part of feal bad for being willing to put her in danger.

“I would not miss this for the world,” she answered.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Because I care about you too much to let you face this alone,” she responded.

“Oh,” I said returning my focus to the paws.

“Well as it was said in divergent, we both have war inside of us,” she mumbled.

I grinned to myself.


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