Tigers In Us

Blayze is pathetic when it comes to sports. At his school sports matter, not grades. This was never a problem until he is saved, from a routine fight. Then it's a problem.


3. chapter 3

When I got to school the calm was shattered.  Actually the silent peace from the dinning table had been broken since we got up.  Now however my panic was higher than normal.

As soon as I got past the office I got what my panic had warned.  One of the football players came up to me and called, "hey kid".

​I glanced at him getting a strong urge to run.  It's just fear I told myself.

​Sure it was just fear...until he grabbed me by my jacket and lifted me up.  I could have easily unzipped my jacket and got out of the hold.  The things was even if I hadn't broke the zipper with my fiddling earlier, I would have been to scared to move.

He pulled me close enough to smell his breath and hissed, "you better remember that fight".

​I gulped, expecting to get punched.  Instead however he let go, and I promptly fell to the ground in a heap.

​I laid there not wanting to get up.  I had nothing to prove to the people around me, they thought I was weak anyway.  This would not prove them wrong, I was only going to get up and fall.  I choked on a sob.  How had I gotten here?  I closed my eyes and would have let the darkness close over me, I would have, if someone had not grabbed me under the armpits and hauled me to my feet.  Could no one let me sulk in peace when I wanted it, please people.

I blinked and realized that the girl from yesterday, Kimball.

"Go tell the office staff," she hollered to one of her friends.

A sudden anger of being treated weak came over me.  Something inside of me spread energy racing through me.  It wasn't fear, though.  I shoved myself off of Kimball and snapped, "I'm fine".

"You were laying there for ten minutes," she pointed out flatly.

"So I just didn't feel like getting up!" I said hotly.

Kimball glared at me.

I decided to change the subject.  She was going to force me to stand here and be helped even if she had to pin me to do it.  "So I know who you are, Kimball," I said trying to scare her.

"It has something to do with the fight," she guessed.

I swore.

"Introduce yourself," she ordered.

"Blazer the chess camp," I said.

"You'll have to play my mom sometime, she won state," said Kimball.

I was starting to get annoyed by Kimball's calm.  It was just. How?

We stood in silence for a minute, before Kimball asked, "want to join the paint club after school".

"Why would I do a thing like that?" I asked.

"It could be because you want to paint from 3:20 to 4:00 every day after school and weekends, same time, or it could be because you want me to show you how not to die in the fight," she reasoned.

"It's in two weeks," I said.

"I can teach you in that time," she argued.

I looked at her eyebrows raised.  The rudder way of saying say more.

"Judo," she says simply.

The nurse from the office came up before I could say more.  The nurse was a round Mexican woman that was four feet.

"Where is he," asked the nurse with a wild look in her eye.  Which was kind of weird considering she was a nurse trained to this thing.

"Here and he's fine," I said walking off to class.  My patience had run out for drama, and anymore was going to get me in a bad, panicky mood.

The rest of the day was silent with people ignoring me.  The fact that I was ignored just made the fight hang over me like a bigger deadline.

When I finally got home I was exhausted.  My bed grated me with soft freshly washed blankets.  Thanks Mom.

I had some thinking to do.  Kimball had offered a way not to get hurt.  It was stupid not to take the chance that she was telling the truth.  Then if she was lying I was in trouble.  No, she was telling the truth, other wise she would not have helped me twice.  I had learned about people that if they don't reach out a second time then they didn't care the first time.  No I was going.


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