Tigers In Us

Blayze is pathetic when it comes to sports. At his school sports matter, not grades. This was never a problem until he is saved, from a routine fight. Then it's a problem.


10. chapter 10

The next day we walked to the field hand in hand.

Fifteen.  They stood in a mob.  The leader step forward and said, “You are here”.

We stood there.

When we did not respond he yelled, “Attack”!

Kimball shot away from me and into the crowd.  She was moving all over the place, without looking to see if her hit connected.  The first person reached me.  I grabbed his shoulders and shifted to the side.  I jumped to the next person and threw him in the way Kimball had first done to me.  I followed up the attack by kicking him in the side.  A blow hit me on the ear.  I stumbled.  

“Not so strong,” hissed someone.  

I crouched down and forced my vision to focus.  

“Aww, he’s weak,” teased a different voice.

I lunged for his hip and brought him down.  He grabbed for my throug but instead I leaned away and brought my fist down on his face.  As I staggered up still dizzy from the hit I saw Kimball.

She was facing three people at once.  They had formed a ring around her.  I jumped forward to help.  Another member lunged forward to stop me.  I grabbed his elbow and arm and twisted, then moved towards Kimball again.  My arm came around and locked on the closets one’s color bone.  

Kimball turned in surprise and in the process a fist came racing towards her rids.  I screamed and kicked the person's legs out from under him.  He landed on his back.  While I was hurrying towards Kimball a person jumped at me from nowhere.  I’m dead I thought.  

Within a few seconds I found a pair of knees planted in my chest.  I was stuck.  I had one thing on my mind, Kimball.

I turned my head and saw a nightmare play out.  She turned and grabbed a person by the armpit and spun.  One of the taller people unsheltered a knife and started.  

The blade sunk into her shoulder.  She let the person she had been with fall and turned to the person that had stabbed her and threw him.  Then she dropped.

The world went to a tunnel.  I screamed.

The sound echoed for block after block after block.  A phantom tiger paw came out and slapped the ding bat off of me.  I jumped up.  

The gang stared at me.  I charged all of them.  I never stopped after a person lunged for me, I just went for another person.  The fight became a blur.  Soon I realized I was chasing the gang.  I stopped and turned back to kimball.  Who knew I was so good at sprinting.

When Kimball saw me she sat up.  I swallowed a sob back.  

“Well about time you got here, now help me up!” she snapped.

I grabbed her and pulled Kimball to her feet.

She fell into me almost immediately.

“So how about a piggy back,” she asked almost teasing.  The thing was despite her tone she was dead serious.  

I guided her hands to my shoulders and let her jump on.  Then I took off moving as fast as I could with her on.  I was going to the school office, if it was even open.

I got lucky with timing.  The vice principal was leaving as I came up.

I set Kimball down and kept running.  All I wanted was to go home.


On my way out I almost got ran over by a car.  I don't care.  Fear kept pushing me on.  I cried and begged it to stop; I need to return to Kimball.  My legs did not obey, they kept running till I was home.  I don't even think about how far I had run.  I just opened and shut the door and flopped on my bed.  Neither of my parents would be home for another hour.  


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