Isabelle Blackstone has been able to read minds since she was nine. Now she's 16 and she frequently wastes time reading people's thoughts; undisturbed and undetected. Until one day, someone talks back...


5. Chapter 4

We arrive under the bright lights of competing fast food restaurants- huddling together under the little umbrella. We're laughing at stories of our uncontrollable and slightly dysfunctional families.

"Okay, okay," Mahi breathes, putting a hand to her chest as she pants. "One time, I came home, like, two hours after curfew and my mum threw the entire contents of the washing basket at me and I ended up with one of my bras hanging off my head and my mum almost died laughing- and that's the story of how my favorite bra got me out of an ass whooping."

We laughing along with each other, the umbrella wobbling unsteadily. I almost drop it and we both scramble to catch it. Our hands both grab the same bit and I withdraw my hand, my cheeks going slightly red. Mahi grabs it and puts it back over our heads.

"I get unstable when I start laughing," I whine as she laughs harder at me.

We walk into the McDonald's and the smell of fast food hits us. I smell it and start remembering all the times I came in here with my mum and we bonded over packets of chips, leaving my dad with time to calm down after little fights or disputes.

We close the umbrella and carry it with us as we cross the threshold of the restaurant.

We join the back of the queue, standing really close to one another and discussing the menu quietly. If it was anyone else stood this close, I'd be taking multiple steps back but with Mahi it's different. Everything's different. We order and wait for it to be put on trays. We bicker slightly over who's going to pay (I win) and Mahina goes to find a seat as I take straws and napkins and wait for the last few things to be put on trays. I carry it to the back where Mahi is sat quietly waiting. I put it down and we separate our orders.

We begin eating without talking too much, but fascinated looks are shot across the table that we try and hide from the other. She strikes up small talk, and I can't help but watch her lips move as she speaks. She has my full attention as I eat. I ask her questions about her passions and watch her eyes light up at the mention of things she loves, and watch a smile brighten up the entire room when I reveal that I feel the same way about something. I eat my last chip and brush my hands off. Mahina had been waiting for me to finish and lets out a satisfied sigh, obviously full.

"Ready to go? I can walk you home, if you want," I offer. 

"Sure," she nods, a small smile gracing her face. 

"And we've got to exchange numbers before you go inside. I'm not waiting in the English rain for you again," I joke.

She agrees with a smile. 

We stand up and I put the trays away and we walk out of the bright restaurant- happy, full and just generally content with the world around us. 

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