Isabelle Blackstone has been able to read minds since she was nine. Now she's 18 and she frequently wastes time reading people's thoughts; undisturbed and undetected. Until one day, someone talks back...


2. Chapter 1

People... How intriguing. Coming and going; never staying for too long. Many people long to be able to know what people think. Once you've gotten used to it, however, it's quite tedious and predictable. I've been reading minds since I was nine. The kind of thoughts that run through people's minds are quite entertaining, and I've adapted people watching into a kind of thought reading game. An older, balding man walks past, and I begin rattling through his thoughts.

Tonight, 8pm. Can't be late, its a big night. I hope she'll say yes...Swimming around his thoughts is a ring, a smiling woman. Relationships, trivial. Typical. Irritating. Cliché. 

I move along, next person. A teenage girl, my age- maybe a bit older, walking alongside a boy. He's cute, and she's into him.

Maybe I should tell him I like him? What if he doesn't feel the same? I don't want to ruin what we have...

Meanwhile, the boy is thinking the same, just more positively. I decide to meddle for a moment and give him the idea of kissing her. He considers for a moment before stopping her and kissing her gently. 

I move on again, to a mid-twenties woman speaking rapidly on the phone. She looks slightly distressed.

Why does he always do this?

Scenes of multiple fights flash through her head. Fights over other people. Other girls, specifically. Poor woman. Nobody deserves a cheat. I decide to go for another manipulation scheme. I make her feel empowered. She hangs up the phone after saying something and, looking proud of herself, she continues on her way. I smile gently.

As I'm about to focus on someone new, an old woman accidentally drops something in front of me. She attempts to grab it, but before she can strain herself too much, I grab it and hand it back to her gently. She smiles and thanks me.

"What a kind, pretty young girl you are- your parents raised you well!" she smiles before carrying on.

I retake my seat and start again, focusing on a girl across from me, seeming to be people watching too. She's pretty, enviably so. I prepare to look into her thoughts but I'm disturbed and blocked by a group of businessmen who stop in front of her. I find myself moving quickly to try and find her. I go over to her side of the shopping street and I look into the shop windows. I delve into her mind quietly. 

Do you mind? Get out of my head!

Shocked, I recoil. She catches my eye and glares harshly. 

Sorry. That was rude. Her eyes soften and she gets up from her bench and walks towards me.

Oh my God, she walking towards me...

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