I did it for you

I felt the sickening voice of God as he shoved me off of the clouds of heaven. I fell far and fast, screaming. My wings burning away. They couldn’t catch me. They fluttered lifelessly as I fell.

I felt warm tears streaming down my face like acid. I was getting kicked out of Heaven and becoming a fallen angel. I felt the burning sensation of guilt and hatred deep in my chest. Why?

I was a fallen Angel. I turned to look at my pure white wings, Only now I saw a few streaks of grey and smoke trailing from them. I was kicked out of my home, I couldn’t bare the pain,

I waited for the sickening smack of the hard earth ground... but it never came.

I slightly opened up my eye’s and saw green. Beautiful green grass and tall green trees.
I pulled myself up, groaning in slight pain as my useless wings sagged behind my body.

“Earth.” I whispered.


3. Chapter 2

Jasmine’s POV:


The squeak of shoes on freshly waxed floor startled me. I groaned, I had a piercing headache. I slowly opened my eyes and tried to sit up. I couldn’t. I lifted my head as far as it could go and looked down a my body.


I had restraints all over my wrists and legs.


“Owww…” I grumbled and tried to move my arm, the straps dug into my freshly sliced skin.


“Miss. Engel?” A soothing voice wrapped around the room. I tilted my head to the side to see where it came from. My bright blue eyes met with a green gaze.


“Hello.” Her voice came out like a robots, automatic.


“Where am I?” I asked groggily.


“You are in Danver’s Hospital, the psychiatric unit.” She soothed my worries away like no other with that voice of hers.


“Did I hear you correctly?”I snapped, suddenly awake.


“Yes, I am afraid so...¨


¨Why am I here?¨


¨Because you have obviously been  Self harming  and you were under drug possession.¨ she sighed.


I didn't have the drugs, Emily did!


Oh god, memories came rushing back to me, Emily with her bag of Heaven, my arms, oh god they saw my arms. Jack and I smoking, me on a high. OH GOD NO!


I started crying , actually balling. Heaving a sob, the lady came over to me, faking being confused, she probably saw this on a daily basis.


“What's wrong dear?¨ Her sickly sweet voice curled around my ears.


¨They weren't my drugs!¨ I cried.


“We get that a lot, and unless you are willing to give up the person's name, you are stuck here.¨ She sighed.


Was I willing to give up Emily and Jack's names? No.


“I'm sorry...¨


¨We get that a lot too.¨ When I didn't answer she began unstrapping my restraints and helped me to my feet. The scrubs smell like bleach. I turn away my nose in disgust, I hate the smell.


“When can I leave?” I asked, my mind blank of other things to say.


“ When the doctor sees its fit.” She replied coolly.


“Okay…” I muttered. Even though it wasn’t okay, it was a big deal to me, what if people found out I was in here, what I have been doing for the past three years!


“I can’t be here, I didn’t do anything wrong!” I cried out as she pulled me along out of a room and down a long hallway. She rolled her eyes heavily and sighed.


“Let's go before I call security to get you to come to the doctor.” She said calmly when I refused to walk.


“FIne!” I mumbled, and stumbled down the hallway. I gently lifted my arm to look at the  carvings, I hate these scrubs, I can't hide them anymore, the scrubs showed of my pale skin And the pink of freshly cut skin, There was a line of stitches crawling over my arm. Ugly.


I sighed and pushed my chin down to my chest as we walked, making a dark cloak of my black hair. The nurse grabbed my elbow so I wouldn’t run into anything and lead me down the halls of white. White walls, white floors, white doors, white lights. The only thing that wasn’t floaty and white were the screams.


We passed a door with a small square window that seemed to be soundproof because when I peered through the window for a moment I saw a man curled up on the ground, shaking. His eyes wide and his mouth open as if he was screaming but nothing came out.


I blinked and suddenly he was gone. The nurse realized I had stopped and she turned to look at me and her eyes narrowed.


“I wouldn’t get that close-” She warned but just then the man appeared in front of the window and slammed his fist into it, causing it to shatter in front of me.


I screamed and covered my face but the man grabbed my throat and pulled me closer. “LET ME DIE! PLEASE LET ME DIE!” He screamed in my face over and over again until the nurse came and injected a needle into his arm that was wrapped around my neck.


The arm went limp and she quickly pushed him back into the room. She grabbed a phone from her pocket and put it up to her ear.


“Mr. Steven broke the glass again. Clean up in Room 12.” She calmly said into the speaker and her voice echoed around the now silent hallway.


“Come.” She suddenly said to me. “The Doctor will see you soon.”


I was shaking and trembling with fear and shock but I stumbled after the woman as she continued walking.  She sighed out an apology, I nodded and kept my head down.


I peered through my dark cloak of hair. I saw windows on all of the doors, I shivered in fear and as we walked closer to the end of the hall, I heard crying and screaming. I pushed my chin further against my chest and kept my eyes in slits, so I could barely see. I didn’t want to see what horrors were in front of me.


“Here we are!” she paused in front of a metal door and held up her hand for me to wait. She slid a ring of keys from her pocket and slid one into the keyhole. I sucked in a breath and then looked up, pushing my hair behind my ear trying to look as sane and normal as possible.


The door slid open slowly and I winced at the squeaking noise that echoed through the halls. I looked straight ahead and saw that it was an office with a large brown wooden desk and a bean bag chair in front of it, The blue felt on it had a cow print on it. There was nothing else in the room except for a computer and one single frame of a cat on the desk. Great. I was going to deal with a crazy old cat lady as a doctor.


“Excuse me!”  A wind blew past me and I turned to see a young petite blonde, green eyed lady in a paint suit.


I turned around to see the nurse leaving,


“Where is the doctor?”  I hissed to her, suddenly very nervous. She didn’t turn around or she didn’t hear me.


“I’m right here!” I turned towards the perky, soothing voice.


“You?” I looked at her like she was joking.

“Not what you expected?”  She smiled kindly.

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