Dimensions (A Supernatural/Shadowhunters Crossover)

Kaylee has been trying to find her brother for months, along with the help of her father. While on a hunt, Kaylee is shot and falls through a portal, waking up in a different Dimension. What happens when she falls in love with that world? Will she ever want to go back?


2. The Other World

"El?" The man asked. He stepped towards me and frowned. Then I noticed the cat eyes he had "Hello? Earth to El" he said and I blinked, shaking my head

"Huh?" I asked. The man chuckled.

"Well since you are wide awake you should be getting ready to portal the Lightwoods to Idris." He said and left the room without another word.

I frowned and looked around for a light switch, and I couldn't find one. That's when a vision flashed into my mind of my own hands snapping and it turned on the light. I looked down at my hands and snapped, red spark bounced off my fingers and lights came on. I smiled to myself and looked around the room, there was a small desk in the corner and I walked over to it.

There was a couple picture of the man, and a girl. I picked up the picture and saw on the back there was a note. Happy 317th birthday Eloise, I hoped you liked Paris. Your brother, Magnus. As I read I saw the Eiffel Tower in my head. Magnus stood with his arm around me and he was using magic to take the picture. Blue sparks escaped his hand as we looked at the camera and smiled. As the camera flashed I was snapped back into reality.

I frowned to myself and walked over to the body mirror next to the closet. I looked closely at my reflections. My hair color was darker, but still wavy. However I was taller with a more defined figure than my real body. The only thing that was really creepy were her eyes, they were bright red, instead of golden brown. I backed away slowly, staring into the red eyes.

I walked to my closet and saw two colors, red and black. Wow, red must be Eloise's theme must be the color red... I thought to myself. "And leather" I said out loud as I actually looked at the clothes. I ended up grabbing a black dress with a red jacket, then threw on some combat boots.

I walked out of the room and met Magnus near the door at the end of the hallway. "Ready to go?" He asked.

I smiled, all the memories of big brother Magnus flooding into my head "Yeah, let's go" I said.

We walked out the door and walked towards the Lightwoods. Magnus explained how we would open the portal and I started to remember all of the Magic I was able to do in the first place. We walked up to a cathedral. Magnus entered where we were greeted my a stern looking woman with black hair and brown eyes. "Welcome Magnus and Eloise" she said as we entered.

"Mayrse, is everyone ready?" Magnus asked.

"Almost" Mayrse said. Magnus and I walked to the side of the cathedral and started to create the portal. As it finished I saw a wave of black before something, or someone, hugged me.

"Izzy I think you are choking her" I heard a deep voice say.

When I was released I was astonished at the girl in front of me. She was in a tight black dress that showed off her tattoos. "Hey Izzy" I said.

"I thought it was just Magnus coming to create the portal" the boy next to her said. He had really bright blue eyes and the same black hair as Izzy.

"Well Alexander, Eloise needed some more practice in creating portals" Magnus said, looking over at me.

I smiled lightly at him "I also wanted to say bye before you guys left for Idris" I said, though I didn't mean to say it. It was like an instinct to say it. I looked over at Izzy and she smiled wide.

We talked for a couple more minutes before I started to smell something that smelled like rotten eggs. "Demons" I whispered.

A couple seconds later a couple of zombie looking people ran out of the woods behind us. Izzy grabbed my hand and said "No, Forsaken"

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