Dimensions (A Supernatural/Shadowhunters Crossover)

Kaylee has been trying to find her brother for months, along with the help of her father. While on a hunt, Kaylee is shot and falls through a portal, waking up in a different Dimension. What happens when she falls in love with that world? Will she ever want to go back?


1. The Portal

I couldn't concentrate with the sound of my heartbeat in my ears. I took a deep breath and pressed my back up against a wet, slimy wall. Sam pressed his back against the opposite wall from me. "Dean's going to be pissed when I walk in there" I whispered to him.

Sam rolled his eyes "I would be dead without you Kaylee, he needs to understand that." He responded. We both started to head down the dark hallway, stopping at the door at the end. Sam and I both pressed our backs to the wall.

Sam looked over at me when we heard the deep voice of my father, Dean Winchester. "You'll never find him Lucifer. God disappeared with Amara, there is no way he would come out of hiding just because some demons are being let loose on some humans."

"We will see about that Dean." The sound of Lucifer's voice sent shivers down my spine. I looked over at Sam and he nodded. One. Two. Three! I thought and ran into the room with Dean.

"Party's over Luci!" I exclaimed.

"Kaylee? What the hell are you doing here?" Dean yelled, pulling against the chains that held him to a wooden chair.

Sam answered before I did "I brought her here, I needed her help!"

It took me a second to observe my surroundings. We were in a circular room with a wall covered with angel and demon blades. There were chains hanging from the wall and the lights gave off a green-yellow light. There was one thing in the room that I had never seen. On the wall behind Lucifer, who was standing in the middle of the room, there was a big purple blob. Lucifer noticed me looking at it. "That's a portal Kaylee, be careful not to get too close to it, you might fall in" he chuckled darkly before turning to Dean.

I gripped the angel blade in one of my hand then pulled a gun out of the back of my pants. I looked over at Sam who nodded, I was going to distract Lucifer, which could very well be the death of me, and shot at him. He turned towards me and I put the angel blade up to protect me. "Kaylee! Don't!" I heard dean yell but it was too late. Lucifer smacked the gun out of my hand then picked me up with his hand wrapped around my throat. I gasped for air and scratched at his hand. I remembered my angel blade and I lifted it up, still gasping for air. I plugged the blade into his arm, it wasn't fatal so it didn't kill him.

Lucifer screamed out In agony and threw me across the room, I hit the opposite wall. I looked up, catching my breath. I saw that Sam had got Dean free. Sam took the opportunity to give Dean the extra Angel Blade we brought and they started to fight Lucifer.

Sam and Dean were quick, sadly Lucifer was quicker. He disarmed the both of them before they both laid eyes on the gun I brought. I looked at the gun as well. Lucifer smirked and moved a lot quicker than Sam. I stood up, preparing to attack him from behind

I thought Lucifer was going to shoot Sam or Dean, however he turned on me "Now Kaylee, what did I tell you about getting close to the portal?"

I frowned "Huh?"

I felt the impact before I heard the gunshot sound. I fell backwards, the pain was intense and I couldn't breath. I fell right into the purple substance of the portal and everything went black.

I woke up with a scream. I was sitting straight up and was tangled in a bunch of bed sheets. I clenched my chest as I looked around. The room was fairly lit so I could see my surroundings. The walls of the room were painted purple and the ceiling was white. There were weird symbols on the walls. Where am I? I thought to myself.

I unwrapped myself from the sheets and stepped onto hardwood floors. "I'm definitely not in the bunker." I whispered to myself. I walked around the room and looked at the symbols. "This is weird, where am I?" I asked myself again.

I heard footsteps coming towards my room and I had no time to get back into my bed and pretend to be asleep. The door opened and an Asian man stepped into the room. He had his nails painted, his hair dyed, and eyeshadow on. "Eloise? Are you okay?" He asked me.

Wait. Who is Eloise?

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