Forever Beside You

New kids to town become very friendly with the sisters next door. What will come of it all?


3. The Party

A few days go by and Michael and Becca become close, but stay friends.

Today, I turn the big 18. I didn't tell Michael or anyone that's recently come into my life. I pick a dress from my closet, and a pair of converse. I never wear dresses. I text Cali to tell her to catch the bus. I walk down the hall to meet my mom in the kitchen. I grab an apple and start to bite it. "Happy birthday baby girl!" My moms says. I reply with a. Thanks and head out the door. As I'm walk to the end of the street Luke, Calum, and Ashton run to catch up with me. "You look really pretty today Becca. What's the occasion?" Pipes up Ashton.

Me: " Oh nothing. Just felt like changing it up a bit today."

Claim: "That's quite a big change there."

Me: "Trust me, I know."

Moments go by and I don't see Michael so I ask where he was.

Luke: "He said he had errands to run before we had to catch the bus."

That's unusual. He's usually the first out here when I drive by. But I blow it off. As we wait for the bus to come we talk bout our English class and our reading assignments. The bus comes around the corner and still no sign of Michael.

Me: "He's going to miss the bus if he doesn't hurry up."

"Me, miss the bus? Never gonna happen in this lifetime." Says Micheal as he walks up. I turn around and there's a dozen roses is my face. "What are these?" I ask.

Michael: "Roses."

Me: "What are they for.?"

Michael: "You duh. Who else would they be for? Happy birthday by the way. You look stunning!"

I blush and say thanks as we step onto the bus. We sit towards the back of the bus with his brothers. The bus comes to a halt at the school and we walk to English and I decide to finish my apple before class starts. Then I realize I forgot my homework on the bus. And that's why I don't ride the bus. I think to myself, so I go up to the teacher and tell her I'll get it in first thing in the morning.

It's lunch time and my roses are in my choir class so I don't have to carry them all day. I see Michael and sit with him and his brothers. We chat about how much we hate school and what they call food they serve here. The bell rings and Michael walks me to my locker and as I open it a flyer comes rolling out. "Oh yay, another party I've been invited to." I say with a sarcastic tone in my voice.

Michael: "Who is it for? And where.?"

Me: "Of course, Cali and at my dads house. And I have to bring a plus one." I roll my eyes

Michael: "Do you think it's for you? The Party that is."

Me: "No clue, but she j owe I don't do parties. If I do go, want to be my plus one?"

Michael: "You didn't even have to ask." That grin of his kinda gets to me.

At the end of the time Michael and I go to his house and do our English homework. We're in his bedroom, I've never been in his bedroom. I take a quick glance around, and I see a guitar. "Do you play.?" I ask.

Michael: "Of course. Why else would it be in here.?"

Me: "No clue. Sorry that was a stupid question."

Michael: "No it wasn't. You didn't know. Wanna hear.?"

Me: " Yes please."

He walks over and grabs his guitar and starts to strum. It's familiar. Omg that's the song I was humming, one of my favorite songs. So I close my eyes and wait for the chorus. And I start to sing. Slowly opening my eyes I see him staring at me. I abruptly stop singing. Blush and turn the other way.

Michael: "No please don't stop. Your voice is amazing."

I stare at him wide eyed and he starts to strum again. So I take a deep breath and start singing again. This time he joins. His voice is enticing I think to myself. He finishes strumming and I'm just staring into his beautiful green eyes and he leans in closer and grabs one side of my face and kisses me. On my lips. Shocked I sit there not knowing what to do. He pulls away "Did I do something wrong.?"

As I catch my breath I say "No, you just caught me off guard."

Michael: "Then id like to try that again. This time not off guard."

And he kisses me again. I kiss him back this time. I've never felt this warm feeling inside. My mind is racing so fast right now. We both pull away and as we sit there In silence I enjoy the feelings I'm experiencing. He clears his throats and says "Becca, there's something I've wanted to ask for a couple of days now, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend."

I'm in awe right now and I am frozen. Knowing what to say but I can't seem to find my voice.

Hope you like it so far. Let me know in the comments 🙃

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