Forever Beside You

New kids to town become very friendly with the sisters next door. What will come of it all?


1. The First Day

*6:30 alarm buzzes right in the middle of a really good dream*

"Are you ready yet?"

"No mom, I just got up." As I rush to get my clothes on for school my phone buzzes, it's my sister.

"Hey are you still picking me up from dad's?"

"Yea Cali, I'll be there in 15 min." Rushing down the stairs I yell bye to my mom.

As I drive down my street there's a sold car sign on one of the houses across the street. As I think to myself please let them be cute. I pick up my sister and head off to school.

The day drags on and the final bell rings. My sister and I drive back to moms house and there's a moving truck but no one in sight. So Cali and I finish out homework and go scoop out the moving truck. There's six people, two parents and four boys. We look at each other and she says "There's no way they are related!"

So we walk over and introduce ourselves as the neighbors across the way. The fours boys rushed over to talk to us. I say " Hey, I'm Becca and this is my sister Cali."

"Well hello, I'm Michael, and these are like my brothers Calum, Luke, and Ashton." as Michael says without leaving my eyes.

I think to myself wow his eyes are beautiful.

Next thing I know my mom is yelling for us to come eat. "Well, we'll see you guys later m, we have to go."

As we walk away Luke and Micheal are waving us goodbye.

More to come 🙃

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