Forever Beside You

New kids to town become very friendly with the sisters next door. What will come of it all?


2. Long Walks

* I look over at my alarm clock, only 4:30. I roll over and go back to sleep*

I wake up at 6:00, so I take a shower and eat breakfast. Cali and I drive over to dads to say bye and head off to school. We have three classes together: English, Math, and my favorite, Choir. As we walk into English the new guys all have our class as well. Michael looks up at me and smiles, then goes back to talking to Gus 'brothers'. My luck, Michael is next to my seat, I sit down and Cali gives me a grin and sits down. I blush a little. Michael leans over and wishers "You look beautiful today."

I'm in sweats and T-shirt, as I think to myself how..but I blush either way. The bell rings and it startled me, Cali walks out with me and asks "What's going on with you, you don't ever act out like that." I reply with " I have no clue."

As the final Brel rings Cali and I drive home, she goes to dads and I go to moms. There's a note waiting on the counter for me

Becca, I'm out running errands I'll be home in a few hours

Alright I'll just text her I'm going for a walk to the beach. As I walk outside Luke and Michael are outside. As soon as Michael sees me him and Luke are on there way to meet me. They both greet me with a hey becca!

Me: Hello

Luke: Where's Cali?

Me: At our dads?

Michael: You guys don't live in the same house?

Me: No, we don't have the same mom.

They both look at me with confused looks upon their faces. I sigh and say it's a long story.

Luke: alright well I'll see you later becca, bye

And then he's gone.

Micheal: So what are you up to?

Me: Just going for a walk, stalking to do my homework mainly.

Micheal: Would you like some company on your walk?

Me: Well I'm headed to the beach if you're up for it. It's a long walk.

Michael: I'm down, lead the way.

What seems like hours later the sun starts to go down and we head home. He walks me to my door and we finish our conversation. He leans down and kisses me on my cheek. And says I'll see you tomorrow at school Becca. Goodnight.

I go inside and help my mom with dinner and tell her about my day. Then off to my room to do my homework.

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