Melody has a problem. It's her grandmother. She thinks she hates her, but a wish could change it all. If Melody has the strength to search for answers.


9. Grandcatma at home

I rammed into the guard.  I could have done so much more.  Still I did not want to hurt the guard.  He landed on the ground.  The cat ran off.

    “What was that for!” he complained.

Then the guard saw my shortness and said, “never mind kid”.  He got up and walked away.

    I wanted to react to the insult but common sense warned me off.

    I stepped inside the house and filled a container with water.  A brown cat with ears that were slowly turning human jumped onto the counter.  My brain had not caught up yet.  I ignored the cat and dropped lavender into the bowl.

    Once I did this then I looked at the cat again.  It was growing ears!  I contained my excitement and poured the lavender water on my arm.  While I did this a flash filled the room.  The water relived the pain on my arm.  My Grandma was sitting on the counter grinning at me.  

    I let go of the blob of emotion that had been sitting in me.  All the months of pain and sorrow I let go.  Tears of joy slipped down my cheeks.  I hugged my Grandma.  I then made a silent promise to myself.  I would never let myself make the mistakes I had made that night when she had been turned into a cat.  I loved my family to much to do that again, ever.

“I love you,” I whispered.


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