Melody has a problem. It's her grandmother. She thinks she hates her, but a wish could change it all. If Melody has the strength to search for answers.


3. full catly run

When I could see again spots where dancing in front of my eyes.  My Grandma was not a full cat sitting in her cloths that laid in a pile.

I dropped the box and stuffed the clothes in my bag.  I had to get her out of here before the shopkeeper saw us.  I had the clothes in the bag when the man came around the corner, “miss,” he said questionably.  I looked at him and panicky thought I’m dead.  I grabbed the brown cat and ran.

The night air had a nip to it.  The hairs on my arm raised as I sprinted.  Despite the fact that the cold air burned my lungs going at a dead run felt good.  It had been so long since I had the chance to do this; normally I only got to go as hard as I could on the two weeks we had off in summer.  Five miles home, with a cat hugged to my chest and a over sized shopping bag in my arms.  Half a mile away from the store I slowed down into a brisk pace I would have to keep the entire way.

My Grandma who was still a cat squirmed in protest.  I held her tighter to my chest.  Three miles later my lungs burned from the cold, below freezing weather.  I mouth felt dry from breathing, there was a reason I did this in the summer.  The air didn’t steal water off your tongue.

Almost home I thought as dawn broke with only a mile left to home.  I sprinted as hard as I could.  

“Merow,” complained the cat at the change of pace.

When I finally got home I found nothing had changed.  I shut all the windows and set my Grandma who I had decided to call Grand-cat-ma down.  Sweat caked my body.  I looked at my watch, it was nine in the morning, I should have been at school an hour ago.

I thought to myself oh well and took a shower before going to school.


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