Melody has a problem. It's her grandmother. She thinks she hates her, but a wish could change it all. If Melody has the strength to search for answers.


6. finding bones

It’s dark.  That’s the first thing I notice.  Then I notice a lot.  I have soft blankets on top of me, a soft mattress beneath me, and something wet is on my head.  I pull the wet thing off my head and realize it’s a wash cloth.  My mouth is dry.  I suck on it for the water.  

My eyes start adjusting, there is a water dish on my night stand and I’m in my room.  I pick up the water dish and smell it.  Just water, nothing else.  I down it quickly.  The water in the dish is enough for my tongue not to feel bigger then it should be, but I still crave water.

“Do you think Joy is ok?” asked a voice outside my door.  Dad.

My Aunt inputed, “I don’t know but I could not find her Grandma, that’s probably what drove her over”.

“I’m going to check on her,” said my Mother’s voice.

I sat up and instantly regretted it.  The world spun for a few seconds.  I took a deep breath and pulled the blankets off.  Cold.  I stood up.  The world started to move again.  I waited for it to stop.

A few steps later my balance was back.

The door opened.

My Mom looked briefly surprised and dropped to hug me.  

“Too tight,” I gasped.

“Sorry,” said Mom straightening.

My Aunt looked at me and ordered, “sprint the hallway then give me five push ups”.  

I knew she was testing how well I was actually feeling.  Because she was a doctor, I did it.  As I ran The walls seemed to bend towards me.  Somehow I managed to go straight and turn fast.  The push ups where less doable.  My shoulder blades ran into each other painfully, I hate push ups.

I stood.  My stomach felt sick but at least my balance was there.

“Your a fighter,” said my Aunt grinning at me.

Just like that my Dad started to laugh.  Mom glared at him.  Then we were all laughing uncontrollably.  It felt good.

My brother came down the hall carrying a plate of food, by the looks of it he had just finish muck.  I was not so happy to see him.

“Jon would you mind if Joy had your plate?” asked my Aunt.

He scowled at me and shoved the plate towards me.

I shot backwards not wanting to get hit.  I wobbled on the balls of my feet, ok maybe not as balanced yet as I thought.

Jon smirked.  I took the plate from him and ate.  He had a huge baked yam on the plate.  

When I was halfway through the yam I felt strength starting to flow through me again.  When I was three fourths the way through I became conscious of everyone staring at me while I ate.  I finished the yam.

“Did anyone find Grandma,” I asked.

My family looked at their feet.  My eye started to twitch in frustration.  “Well what are we waiting for!” I demanded.

“Joy your,” started my Mom.

“Mom I’m fine!” I exclaimed.

Mom snapped her mouth shut.

I had not meant to sound the harsh.

Jon mimicked laughing at me.

I glared at him and retreated into the bathroom.  As I dressed I realized how clammy my skin was.  I put my hand up to my forehead.  The night run had done it.  Ok so now I had to make a choice that had no right answer and every wrong answer.  I could tell my family about Grandma getting turned into a cat, except they would think I was delirious, I could stay home and rest, or I could search.  If I searched I would be putting my life endanger;  but if I don’t Grandma can’t last on the streets long.

I stepped out and asked the only member of my family who had stayed by the door, “how long was I out”.

Dad answered, “It’s saturday afternoon and don't’ yell at your mother again”.

I nodded my head and walked to the front door.  I had to find Grandcatma.  No one stopped me as I left.  When I saw my mother crying at the table a sharp pain jabbed me.  Don’t, just fine her and come home I reminded myself.  

I walked up and down the alleys, all around the area.  The sun was already low in the sky and I set a brutal walking pace for myself.  Soon my head spun and I had to slacken the pace, I was no good to anyone if I collapsed.

When the sun started to dip lower to the horizon I was forced to walk home.  Just this last allay I promised myself.  I walked down it.  A strange sense of doom came over me.  It was darker here.  My head felt more real than the rest of me.  I spotted something white on the ground a few feet away.  Bones.

Cat bones.  I look closer.  There is a tiny amount of meat left on them, so it was picked recently.  The bones are brittle like they belong to an old cat.  I take out my pocket knife and slice a bone open.  The marrow looks fresh still.  I feel sick, er.

“Well, well, well,” said a voice behind me.

I turn and look up.  It’s the three of the boys from school.  I am so dead, I thought.  I threw my knife away.

“Showing off,” centered the leader.

I had to take him out, I had to prove I was stronger then the leader before all three of them attacked.

“Yep,” I said.  Then I charged the leader.

I jumped back and to the side immediately.  It was a good thing I was not a split second slower or he would have stabbed me.  I jumped behind him and as he turned grab his knife.  I butted the hilt into his gut.  “Umff,” he uttered as I knocked the breath out of him.  I put both my hand on the knife and twisted.  He feel and I had the knife.  This was super illegal to know how to do.  I then dropped the blade and turned to the second strongest and rammed my shoulder into his, I grabbed his arm and threw my strength down.  Another illegal thing I was not supposed to do.

I looked at the last boy.  He looks terrified.  “Feel my head,” I ordered.  He placed his hand on my forehead.  I flinched at the touch, I wanted to punch him but I held back.

He did what I was counting on and said to his friends who had just stood and said, “guys she’s sick and still beat us”.

“Maybe it was a bad idea to fight someone contagious,” I said not knowing if I was lying or not.

They looked at each other and bolted.  I gathered up the bones and, walked home, my injury was gone.  I could not tell if it was from the fight or from finding what was probly have been my Grandma’s body.


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