Agent Malfoy

Draco was never really a death eater..... He worked for Dumbledore behind his parents back. While playing his normal role of the not so nice Draco everyone knows he falls for the Gryffindor princess Hermione Granger.


5. Order of the Phoenix?

    Draco's pov:

    "Order of the Phoenix?" I ask.

    "A secret organization." Harry says.

    "Oh.....Harry am I still supposed to be a spy?" I ask.

    "If you can then yes the more information we have the better off we are."

    "What if I get caught?"

    "Then get out as quickly as you can and come here. Ok?"

    "Ok......when should I start?"

    "Tomorrow." I feel a small hand on my shoulder. I turn around and see Hermione smiling at

me. She hugs me surprisingly. It takes me a second and I hug back stuffing my face into her hair that smells like strawberries. I take a deep breath inhaleing the sent and smiling.

     "Good luck Draco....stay safe tomorrow yeah." She says.

     "Thanks Hermione and yeah I will." With out thinking about what I'm doing I kiss her cheek. She pulls away from the hug and smiles and me with a slight blush on her cheeks. She bites her lip and walks away.

      "You fancy her don't you?" Harry asks.

      "W-what" I fight back a blush but with my pale skin it was useless.

      "Wow I don't think I have EVER seen you like this you must really like her."

      " you think I have a shot with her?"

      "Well if you don't go back to the rude prejudice guy you were before then yeah I'd say you have a shot...explicitly with how she acted after you kissed her cheek." He says. I blush and smile.

       "Harry...what about her and Fred?" I ask

       "I dunno..... your a clever bloke you can figure it out." He pats my back and walks away leaving me alone. Fred walks up to me...oh no this isn't good...not good at all.

       "Draco..." He says.

       "Y-yes?" I say nervously.

       "Do you like Hermione?" He asks.

     I nod sheepishly worried about what he'll do.

       "Well..."he sighs."just promise me something...don't hurt her."


       "I'm not right for her ex girlfriend just came back and the on,y reason we broke up was because she moved.....I can't keep dating Hermione when Gracie is back...but Draco promise me you will take care of her I do care about her.."

       "I promise I'll take care of her...don't worry Fred I'll treat her right."

       "Good. If you ever need anything just ask...mate." He smiles and pats my back. I smile at him and nod. We both walk back to the others and I see Hermione looking at tad upset. I frown and bump her hand with mine. She looks up at me and I mouth 'you ok?' She shakes her head no and looks down. I put my arms around her and pull her into my chest. She wraps her arms around me and buries her face into my chest. Fred gives me a small smile. I flash a smile back and then looks down at her and rube her back. I hear a few sniffles come from Hermione I frown. I kiss the top of her head and slowly rock back and forth. She calms down a bit. I feel her smile against my chest a bit which makes me smile.

       "Thank you Draco." She says then sniffles.

       "Anytime beautiful." I say. She looks up at me and smiles.

      "You've changed." She says.

      "Yeah I guess I have."

      "It suits you...being nice."

     "Thanks." I kiss her forehead and smile.

     "Draco? What are we?" She asks.

     "What ever you want us to be." She stands up on her tiptoes and pecks my lips.


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