Agent Malfoy

Draco was never really a death eater..... He worked for Dumbledore behind his parents back. While playing his normal role of the not so nice Draco everyone knows he falls for the Gryffindor princess Hermione Granger.


3. me? a spy?

Draco's pov: 

   "Mr. Malfoy..... I'm aware of your...situation and I may have a way to help." Dumbledore said. 

   How can he possibly help me?I'm supposed to become a death eater and kill him! What could this old man have that could help me? I'm in an impossible situation. No one can help me....No one.

    "How...How are you going to help me?" I said not believing he could do anything to help my situation.

    "Well I could use another person inside lord Voldemort's army...." he said.

    "Another?" I asked highly confused.

    "Yes we have one person inside but two could be very helpful." he states.

    "Who is it?" I question.

    "Professor Snape." he points at my Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

    "ok.....s-so you want me to be a spy?"


    "ok..what do I have to do?" I say very skeptically 

    "Become a death eater and act as everything is normal don't change how you act at all. Gain Voldemort's trust and when every you find out something report it to me or Professor Snape. Do we have a deal?"

    "Yes we do....but you do know what they want me to do dont you?"

    "They want you to kill me. Yes I know and you must if you can not carry out the deed then Professor Snape will. Once I'm am gone Snape will be your leader and the others who do not yet know the plan will be let in on it.

    "Who are the others?"

    "Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, Professor Lupin, Ginny, Fred, George, and Tonks."

    "Oh uh wow thats a lot......a-are you sure I'm the right person for this I mean I'm the the boy everyone hates..."

    "Thats what makes you perfect for this Draco. No one expects it. Now you will have to treat everyone the same and I will tell Harry, Ron, and Hermione that you are on our side but still you MUST act the same way towards them as you always have."

     "Certainly Professor..."

     "Ok now back to your dormitory its getting late."

  I nod and walk out. Hooooly crap did that really just happen.. I'm a spy. I'm Dumbledor's spy. wow. This is something I did not expect at all. As I'm walking i bump into two people snogging. They pull apart and I see one of the Weasley twins and the Gryffindor princess. I smirk and chuckle at them....out past curfew snogging......tisk tisk tisk.

   "Weasley Granger what are you two doing out past curfew hmmmm?"

  Hermoine goes bright red and Fred....i think its Fred...scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

   "Whats it matter to you Malfoy?" he says in a snarky tone.

   "Oh nothing just asking." I shot a wink Hermione's way and smirk.

   "Lets go Fred." They walk off hand in hand. I chuckle to my self and walk to the dormitory to get some well needed sleep. I say the password and walk in seeing Pansy snogging some guy on the couch...typical... I tiredly walk up the stairs and to my bed. I shrug off my robe and loosen my tie then sit down on my bed to take off my shoes. I take off my uniform and put on my dark green flannel pajamas and lay down on my bed and pull the covers to my chest and start to thing about the days events.



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