Agent Malfoy

Draco was never really a death eater..... He worked for Dumbledore behind his parents back. While playing his normal role of the not so nice Draco everyone knows he falls for the Gryffindor princess Hermione Granger.


6. Avada Kedavra!!


Hermione's pov:

     I stared at Fred as the words came out of his mouth. I didn't want to hear what he was saying but I didn't have a choice and it was killing me. He is dumping me, he's ex is back and now he is leaving me. Is it because of Draco? How do I even feel about Draco? What is happening Draco is being nice to me making me smile making me blush and not calling me a mudblood. D-do I like him? Oh what the bloody hell is wrong with me....oh gosh now I sound like Ron. I sigh and face palm. I look up and notice that Fred is gone...when did he leave? Huh? I see Harry walk over and smile at me.

   "Hey Mione. How ya doin?" He asks.

   "Eh.....Fred just....." I don't finish my sentence.



   "I'm so sorry Mione." He hugs me and I hold back tears. He let's go after a little while.

   "This could be a good thing Mione the could be another guy who isn't just good for you who is perfect for you."

   "Really and who would that be?" I ask. He doesn't say anything just nods towards Fred and Draco who are walking towards us. I give him a questioning look and he just chuckles and walks away. I just stand there with a confused and sad look on my face. I look down at my feet so I don't have to look at Fred. I feel someone's hand bump mine and I look up and see stormy grey eyes looking into my chocolate brown ones. He mouths 'you ok?' I shock my head no and look down. I feel arms snake there way around my waist and I wrap my arms around him and bury my face into his chest. I feel his start rubbing my back comforting me. I sniffle and he kisses the top of my head. He has changed....but has he really is it all just an act or what? He starts rocking us back and forth making me forget about what I was thinking for the moment and I calm down and smile against his chest.

     "Thank you Draco." I say as I sniffle.

     "Anytime beautiful." He says. I look up at him and smile.

     "You've changed." I say.

     "Yeah I guess I have."

     "It suits you...being nice."

     "Thanks." He says and kisses my forehead and smiles.

     "Draco? What are we?" I ask.

     "What ever you want us to be." He says. I don't tell him what I want us to be I just stand on my tippy toes and peck him on the lips. He smiles at me and slightly blushes. I kiss his cheek and run my fingers through his soft platinum blond hair.

     "Dinner!!" Mrs. Weasley yells. Ron runs past us almost knocking us down. I laughs and shake my head and drag Draco to the kitchen so we can eat. I sit next to Harry who just smirks at Draco and nudges me. I shake my head and look down. Draco sits next to me and puts food on both of our plates. I look up and see Ron in front of me with food stuffed in his mouth and George trying to steal a dinner roll off of his plate. I let a small smile creep onto my face...I'm home this...this is my family...and my boyfriend I if you would have told me a month ago that Draco was going to be my boyfriend I would have sent you to St. Mungo's but now he is sitting here holding my hand talking with Harry like they are old friends and not enemies. Out of the blue I pick up our hands and kiss his. He chuckles at my actions. We eat dinner like a normal family and it's nice different but nice. About an hour passes before swooshing noise and a crazed laugh coming from the hallway. There is only one person that laugh could come from.


Draco's pov:

No no no...not Aunt Bellatrix.

    "Ohhh Dracooo.." she giggles. "come out come where ever you are!" I stand up and walk around a corner and hid hoping I can catch her by surprise..everyone else hides too. 

    "CRUCIO!" Bellatrix yells clearly. I hear Ginny scream.

    "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU B***H!!!" Mrs. Weasley yells. I hear the sound of the two of them battling. The next thing I hear is her demented laugh.

    "Oh look what we have here..... a filthy mudblood." She says. My eyes go wide, she's got Hermione. I run to find them and stop to where I could see them but they couldn't see me. Bellatrix had a dagger to her throat. In a flash she has her pinned down and I cutting mudblood into her wrist. That's is..I raise my wand but Frd stops me.

     "Don't it will only hurt Mione wait until she backs away then.." I cut him off.

     "Kill her."I say as I'm staring at my aunt. I hear frd mumble a yeah. I watch her carefully and tearful as I hear screams come out of her mouth. i watch as a single tear falls down her face. She looks over at me.

     "Draco..." she whispers.

     "Draco?" My aunt says. I step out so she can see me and I have my wand by my side.

     "Draco Draco Draco how dare you betray you family lucky enough if you I haven't told anyone so leave these blood traders and this filthy mudblood and come home with me." My aunt says. I grip my wand tighter.

     "No." I say. She looks at me with shock written across her face.

     "I guess I'll have to make you then." She reaches down to grab Hermione.

     "EXPELLIARMUS!" I scram disarming her. I reach my free hand out for Hermione to take. She runs over to me as I stare down my abut. Bellatrix grabs her wand.

      "AVADA KEDAVRA!!!" I yell before she can fully stand up with her wand. I watch as she drops to the floor dead.


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