Girls of Ravenclaw (first book of Children of the founders)

When Wren and Lawn are put to new tests, will their wits get the best of them, or will they succeed.

First in the series of Daughters of the founders


1. New chapter

I swept my dorm as my sister came barreling into view. Panting, she looked at me expectantly. "What happened?" I asked this to shut her up. " Harry...on... my... tail..." I laughed, because our best friend, Harry Potter likes to take stuff from us. We, being Ravenclaws, outsmart him all the time and today, Wren snatched his broom. I heard banging on our dorm room door, and realized that he made it through the riddle knocker. I pointed my wand at the door and effortlessly mutter "Alohomora,"while doing the sweeping motion. As soon as he heard the lock click, Harry battling-rammed inside and Arla threw the broom to me. Im not very fast so I jumped up on the bed and tried to avoid him. He jumped up too and tackled me to the mattress, and tickled me until my grip on the broom slackened. He wrenched it out of my grasp and fell to the floor. "Harry, Harry, Harry. What am I going to do with you, rolling around on the dirty floor?" We all giggled and I helped him up. "Next time, steal a book or something. Something I wouldn't miss." I started laughing until tears came to my eyes and I had to sit down.

I lunged at Harry, throwing myself between him and the door. When he moved to step over me, I grabbed his ankle, caught my brilliant red hair with it, and unintentionally jerked my head up when he lifted his foot higher. I yanked down even harder, pulling him to the ground. I scrambled up and put my foot on his chest. "1...2...3...!" I was shouting and soon Wren joined in. "HE'S DOWN!!!" We laughed and group hugged. "Wren, Lawn, you guys are the best friends ever."

I went back to sweeping when he left. When I heard the lock click, I started yelling at Wren. "Wren LaVac Ravenclaw! What in Merlin's beard where you thinking, stealing his broom?" She looked on the verge of tears. I softened a little bit. "I'm sorry, Wren. Its just that another made me protect you, and I dint want things to get out of hand. I, Lawn Varec Ravenclaw, promise to be nicer." I was in a stiff pose but let my breath out. We started giggling again.

We were walking down to the great hall for dinner when we ran into Hannah. "Wren, would you like to sit with me for dinner?" We were all walking together but I zoned out of the conversation. I realized how lucky Wren was to have a friend in second year although she was in first. When we walked through the great hall doors I headed towards Ravenclaw table with Wren. We were going to get the food from our tables then go our separate ways. I specifically asked Dumbledore if this was allowed. He agreed and said "Hogwarts is for making friends, not enemies." When the food showed up on our plates, I lifted mine high and went to Gryffindor table. Ron and Harry always sat together and I sat with Hermione.

I dug into the mashed potatoes on my plate. I looked up to say something and saw Harry holding his head, as if he heard something or had a headache.

"Harry, are you okay?" I start to worry. He then fell over in pain. "Wingardium Leviosa!" I run with my wand pointed up, and a very concerned Dumbledore behind me. I lower him into the bed and kiss his forehead. "Accio night stuff," I say and it flies in the room. Dumbledore's eyes question me and I answer " I am not leaving."

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