malfoy's secret sister

Bianca Malfoy. The younger sister of Draco Malfoy finds being a Malfoy hard. Especially when she comes to Hogwarts. It all starts with the sorting ceremony, following friendships what are not Slytherins. Bianca is happy about everything but her brother Draco is worried about her safety.


3. three

"First years this way." Hagrid yelled to a bunch of first years as they followed him. "BIANCA!" Draco yelled as he ran towards Bianca. "Draco I've got to go." Bianca said, looking at the group of first years that were walking farther in the hallway. "I'll be at the Slytherin table and I'll save you a seat ok? Love you little sis." Draco hugged Bianca.


"Malfoy, you are not a first-year, leave!" Hagrid said.


"I was leaving." he glared at Hagrid.


"Hi! Can I walk with you guys, I kind of don't have any friends yet." A girl approachED them.


"Sure, I'm Ginny and this is Bianca." Ginny said.


"Hi, I'm Luna."


The first years all went into the great hall.


"Welcome back to Hogwarts to the returning, and welcome first years!" Dumbledore said. He read out the rules. "Let the sorting ceremony start." He yelled.


"Jace VanDerWall." Ms. McGonagall yelled, the boy walked up. He set down and waited until the hat was put on his head.


"Mmm… Slytherin." The Slytherin tabled cheered. A couple of others went before Bianca.


"Bianca Malfoy." Bianca walked up. Once the hat was placed on her head she looked at Draco who was whispering Slytherin, over and over.


"Mmm, this is a tricky one, more tricky than Harry Potter. She does have the qualities of a Gryffindor but her family is all Slytherin and she does have some qualities of a Slytherin, I'll have to come back." Bianca got down, embarrassed.


"Ginevra Weasley." Ginny walked up and sat down on the chair. "Gryffindor." The Gryffindor table cheered.


"Luna Lovegood." Next was Luna and she got into Ravenclaw. 


"Bring back the Malfoy girl." The hat said. Bianca sat down. "I can see it now… Gryffindor!" Bianca got up and walked to Ginny. "NO! IT CAN'T BE! SHE'S A SLYTHERIN." Draco yelled. "Mr. Malfoy please sit down." Dumbledore said. 


After half an hour. Bianca also made friends with Hermione Granger. "Looks like big brother is coming over." Ginny pointed at Draco. "Oh god." Bianca whispered to herself.


"Bianca? A moment." Draco said. "Can't you see I'm talking to my friends." Bianca said.


"It's important." He said impatiently.


Bianca groaned and left the table. "Father is going to probably going to hate you when he finds out you are a Gryffindor." Draco said.


"I'm actually enjoying. It I feel like I'm a part of something. I actually feel like I fit in." Bianca said, with an amazed look.


"Granger is a Mudblood, if father finds out you are friends with her, things will turn out bad." Draco said.


"When we go home and that can I borrow your Slytherin robes to make it look like I'm a Slytherin?" Bianca asked.


"Yeah." Draco smiled.


"Gryffindor first years this way." Percy said.


"That's one of my older brothers all of them are in Gryffindor." Ginny said. "Are we still friends even though I'm a Malfoy?" she asked.


 "Of course." She smiled.


Once they knew where the dorms were, they set off to their rooms. On the door, there were three names were written. 'Hermione Granger' 'Ginevra Weasley' ' Bianca Malfoy'. The girls jump up and down. "Looks like Crookshanks has a friend." Hermione said. "Yeah, this is Lola."


Bianca placed Lola next to Crookshanks.


"Hermione can we still be friends even though I'm a Malfoy?" Bianca asked.


"Sure I don't have a problem with it." She smiled though she knew Harry and Ron would not exactly pleased with her befriending a Malfoy.

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