malfoy's secret sister

Bianca Malfoy. The younger sister of Draco Malfoy finds being a Malfoy hard. Especially when she comes to Hogwarts. It all starts with the sorting ceremony, following friendships what are not Slytherins. Bianca is happy about everything but her brother Draco is worried about her safety.


10. ten

LAST CHAPTER!!! Read slowly :) I know most of you are sad about the book ending so I thought about a solution. A SEQUEL!!! It is still a thought and I really don’t know if I should make a sequel. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT A SEQUEL!


Bianca looked in the mirror, she saw a purple bruise across her stomach, Pansy did a good job. She winced a bit when the water touched the bruise but it stopped soon.

Once she stepped out of the shower, she saw her Gryffindor robes laid out on her bed, with Draco's spell removed, she slipped on the clothes, looked in the mirror. Thinking how good it is to be back at school.


"We're here." Narcissa let go of Bianca. "Now go see your friends"  Narcissa hugged Bianca one last to time.


"See you in three weeks Mother." Bianca rolled her eyes and walked off.


She walked to the Gryffindor common room. "BIANCA ROSE MALFOY! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST WEEK." She knew that voice.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley, I could ask you the same." Bianca laughed but Ginny didn't.

"Ginny you alright?" Bianca asked. "Fine." Ginny smiled. "I missed you though." Ginny hugged Bianca. Bianca squealed in pain as the hug hurt her bruise. Ginny kept apologizing over and over after she realized what she had done.


"I'll let that side, however, you need to help me get revenge from Pansy for what she did." Bianca stated.



Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna and Cedric tagged along.

"Alright everyone know what to do?" Bianca asked. "Yes." They all nodded.

Once they got to positions they got to work. Luna wrote on the wall, 'Karma is a bitch Pansy'.

Ron and Harry changed all of Pansy's robes into Gryffindor robes.

Ginny replaced Pansy's witch magazines with muggle ones.

Cedric put green hair dye in her shampoo.

Hermione changed her homework answers to random and stupid stuff that didn't make sense.

Lastly, Bianca set a trap what would go off when Pansy wakes up.



Bianca couldn't believe it was their last day at Hogwarts. Time had passed so fast.

"Now, don't forget to owl me once a week." Ginny said to Bianca.


"I will." Bianca rolled her eyes as Ginny continued reminding Bianca the same thing over and over.


After a few seconds, Ginny's eyes glanced behin Bianca.


"Don't blush but Cedric is coming this way." Ginny squealed casually (I have no idea how that's possible but go with it fam)


"I read Romeo and Juliet." Cedric said. "And it's romantic how? Romeo died because he thought Juliet was dead, then when Juliet woke up, she found Romeo dead so she died, so they could live together forever without any judgement. It's tragic, not romantic." Cedric added mockingly. "Have a great summer Bianca." Cedric kissed her cheek. (UGHHHHH I KNOW SOOOOO CUTE)


"You too." Bianca said. Cedric smiled and went to his compartment.



"Can't believe first year is over." Luna said.

"Let's take a photo for the memories." Ginny said while everyone shook their heads approvingly.


The girls all got together for their photo. They took 3 moving pictures. A silly one, a nice one, and a final one in which they pointed their wands towards the camera.

"They look great." Hermione smiled.

"We can take them every year to see how much we change." Luna said.

"Of course! We are like sisters.

"Ginny said. "Sisters we never had." Hermione added.


"Sisterhood of magic." Bianca laughed.







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