malfoy's secret sister

Bianca Malfoy. The younger sister of Draco Malfoy finds being a Malfoy hard. Especially when she comes to Hogwarts. It all starts with the sorting ceremony, following friendships what are not Slytherins. Bianca is happy about everything but her brother Draco is worried about her safety.


7. seven

A little spoiler for you guys! I personally think most of you will enjoy this chapter. Does Bianca have a crush on someone? Why is Draco overprotective? Some of the answers are in this chapter. Enjoy! and comment for an update.




"Miss Malfoy take a seat." Snape pointed to the desk in front of him.


"Write me a 10-page essay on why you shouldn't use magic to hurt your friends," he told her, "in an hour."


She moaned and starts writing. With only 30 minutes left on the clock, she only had 3 pages written. All she could think of is where Ginny was.




"Miss Malfoy it's time. Hand in your paper." Snape instructed. She walked in silence and placed the note on the desk and was about to leave.


"There's no way to join Slytherin." He piped up.


"Who said I wanted to join anyway I'm happy in Gryffindor." Bianca replied.


"Draco's worried about you." Snape said.


"I'm fine, OK? There is nothing wrong with me." She yelled.


"Just talk to him." With that, she left.




"Bumble Bee Bianca." Fred said.


"How many times I told you not to call me that." Bianca rolled her eyes.


"Anyway, we can't find our chaser." George said. "And wondering if you'd play?" Fred asked.


"Of course. Let me guess, we're practicing?" She asked.


"Right." They said in sync. 


"See you guys on Saturday." The captain said.


Bianca wanted to go to the library to get a book. Little did she know Draco was following her. 




"Damn." She whispered when she got to the library. The library was amazing. She got excited and started looking for the book she wanted to read. She started climbing up the ladder to get the book that was on the top shelf, but unfortunately, she lost her footing and slipped. A pair of arms caught her.


"You alright?" He asked.


"Yeah um thanks, I'm..." she got cut off by him.


"Bianca Malfoy. I remember you from the sorting ceremony, your brother yelled about you being in Gryffindor." He smiled.


"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Cedric Diggory, a 4th year." He put her down.


"I believe this is the book you're looking for." He passed her the book. She was about to thank him but a voice ruined the moment.


"Bianca we have to go." Draco appeared.


"See you around?" She asked.


"We will see Bianca." She blushed because of the answer she got as Draco pulled her away. 


"I've been worried sick about you." He said. "I thought you were in trouble, but apparently, you are in a situation that is worse. Cedric? Seriously?" Before Draco could make matters worse, Bianca walked off. She couldn't stand Draco bickering about everyone she meets and talks to. He was overprotective.




"Luna, I'm so glad to see you." Bianca said.


"Me too, where Ginny? She wasn't in class today." Luna asked.


"I don't know, Luna. People have been going missing and then show up frozen." You could tell the fear in Bianca's voice.


"Ginny will show up soon, let's go sit by the lake." Luna suggested.


"Good idea." Bianca smiled. The girls walked along the lake.


"I wish you were in Gryffindor." Bianca said.


"I like Ravenclaw. Gryffindor is good also, I mean, I actually like someone in Gryffindor." Luna blushed.


"Luna Lovegood, putting the love in Lovegood, so who is it?" Bianca asked Luna.


"Neville Longbottom." Luna's cheeks have gone red.


Bianca, wanting to make Luna less embarrassed, opened up her feelings deep inside her heart. Even though she met him today, she had developed feelings for him. He was so nice and so sweet.


"I like...." she stopped when she saw her hero only twenty meters away.


"You like Cedric Diggory?" Luna smirked.


"Yes." Bianca squeaked. "We should have a sleepover when Hermione and Ginny get back." Bianca suggested.


 "Yeah and we can talk about boys." Luna had suddenly turned boy crazy.

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