malfoy's secret sister

Bianca Malfoy. The younger sister of Draco Malfoy finds being a Malfoy hard. Especially when she comes to Hogwarts. It all starts with the sorting ceremony, following friendships what are not Slytherins. Bianca is happy about everything but her brother Draco is worried about her safety.


4. four

''Mother, Bianca is in Gryffindor. I hoped she'd been in Slytherin for her own safety, She's made a couple of friends already. They are Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger. I'm worried about what will happen when father finds out. I miss you - Draco'' He sent his owl to his mother quickly. 




Once Ginny and Bianca got settled in they told funny and awkward stories about their lives.


"Once I went to the muggle world and bought a magazine. It had this poster, I put it up on my wall. My father walked in and he went mad because I had a picture of a shirtless muggle guy up on my wall.  Afterward, my mother and Draco walked in and my mom told father that it was hers."


The girls start cracking up. 


"I think I want to join the Gryffindor Quidditch team." Ginny said.


"Me too." Bianca smiled. "What position?" Ginny asked. "Chaser." Bianca smiled.


"Same, Let's ask Miss McGonagall." Ginny said. "Yes." The girls jumped up and down.


The morning came quickly. Ginny, Hermione and Bianca got changed into their robes. Bianca was first in the bathroom.


"Bianca, open up, some of us need to use the bathroom." Ginny said.


"Sorry, coming." Bianca looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was in a low messy bun with stands out. She got out of the bathroom as Ginny practically ran into the bathroom, making Bianca chuckle.


"Our first class is potions with Professor Snape. Oh and also Slytherin is joining us." Hermione said.


Great! Bianca thought. After a few, the girls were all ready to head down to the great hall. They grabbed their books. 




"Harry, Ron." Hermione hugged them. They all sat down.


"Ginny, who's your friend?" Ron asked. "I'm Bianca, Bianca Malfoy." She said.


"Aren't all the Malfoys in Slytherin?" Harry asked. "Yes," Bianca said, " I guess I'm different" Soon all the mail came in, Bianca got a letter.


To my dearest Daughter,

Draco told me that you are in Gryffindor. I still love you.

I know you'll be a great one, he also told me that you became

friends with the Weasley Girl and the Muggle born.

I won't tell your father. I miss you already. 

You can still go into Slytherin the password is Green Pride, 

I know you'd think there will be something more clever.

Lots of love 



Bianca got up and ran out of the hall while some people watched. Draco went after her. Bianca ran to the girls bathroom with Draco following. He went inside to comfort his little sister. She was taking deep breaths.


"Bianca." Draco said. She just ran and hugged him. "He's going to hate me. I can't go home." She whispered. Crying into his chest.

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