August is a troubled adolescent. At home, his drunken stepfather makes his life hell, and at college he suffers at the hands of bullies. But August has never been one to break the law...until now. With a new taste for violence and a desire for vengeance, he begins to stalk 3 young women in a complicated and twisted search for power. [Rated 'Y' due to potentially disturbing/graphic content and frequent swearing]


7. Chapter 7: One Way In, No Way Out

The door opens silently. Perfect. ​I step gently into the carpeted hallway, my eyes wide with anticipation. The key is in the door, so I lock it and place the key in my pocket to prevent their escape. My knuckles are white from clutching the knife so tightly. I examine my surroundings. The short hallway has two doors leaving it, one on the left and one on the right. At the end of it is a stairway disappearing upwards. The left door seems to lead to the living room, and the right door to the kitchen. I can't see a bathroom and assume that this must be upstairs.

I hear a fit of giggles coming from the living room, and pad softly across the carpet towards the sound. To allow myself to feel more secure, I remove the steak knife from my pocket so that I now have a knife in both hands. If these bitches try to jump me to escape, they'll have very little chance of getting past me. I stand by the half-open door and peer through small gap into the room. Lily is sitting on the rug, facing away from me. Meg is on the sofa and Jess is facing towards me but looking at her phone.

​If you don't do it now, she'll see you. Go in. Get your ass in there August before I -

​I burst through the door, brandishing both knives before me. They turn to face me and for a moment their faces are pure confusion. It takes a nanosecond for them to realise it's me and a nanosecond more to spot the knives. Now their faces are that of pure terror, and the three scream in unison.

"Shut up you bitches!" I roar, slamming the door behind me and blocking their way out, "Shut the fuck up!"

Lily begins to whimper, clutching Jess' hand in terror. Meg takes a step towards me, a mixture of anger and fear evident in her eyes.

"Get out of my house August, how dare you come in here?" Her voice is hushed and upset, but I have no sympathy for her. She left me, she dumped me, she cheated ​on me. I point the knife at her and she backs away.

"I've had enough of you three. You treat me like shit. And you know what? I can't take it any more, I can't take it!" I realise that I must sound insane, but then again nothing about what I'm doing is sane.

​Enough talking - get on with it!

"Do you know why I'm here?" I yell, my voice wavering with rage. No answer.

"​I said do you know why I'm here?" I shout, slashing the knife through the air. Lily bursts into tears, but Jess and Meg just shake their heads.

"I'm here because last night, my stepfather abused me like every single night before that. Only last night, I stood up for myself. I beat him until he lay unconscious on the ground, the bones in his face broken in several places. And I said to myself 'Why didn't I do this sooner?' So I came to the conclusion that maybe he wasn't the only one that deserved to suffer. After all, he's not the only one that beats the shit out of me, is he?" I pause to examine their faces. If I'm not mistaken, there's pity in their eyes. They hadn't known until this moment about what I face at home. But I don't want their pity, I want their deaths.

"So I packed a rucksack with necessities and slipped two knives into my trousers. I'm not here to beat you bitches up. I'm here to kill you." I spit. Now all three of them are crying, the cheap makeup their boyfriends had bought them now streaking their flushed cheeks.

"Anyway, your time is up. I'm done talking. It's over, girls - sorry."

As I advance towards Meg wielding the kitchen knife, Lily and Jess scream in terror, fleeing from the room. No problem, the key is in my pocket anyway. I laugh in disgust as I notice Meg's jeans becoming wet at the groin. ​She's pissed herself, I can't believe it! What a freak! ​She can't back any further away, so I don't hesitate a moment longer. Leaping forwards, I plunge the blade deep into her neck. She tries to scream but the only sound that leaves her mouth is that of the gurgling blood in her throat. I pull the knife from her flesh and watch in delight as blood sprays the white carpet. Her eyes bulge as she collapses to the ground. She heaves, vomiting blood, before her body falls into a fit of spasms.

Then, she lies still.

"Who's next?" I yell, walking back through into the hallway. I hear crying in the kitchen and shake my head. Surely it would have made sense for them to hide upstairs? Stupid freaks. ​I throw open the kitchen door to see Lily and Jess trying to force themselves unsuccessfully through a tiny open window. They wail as I walk calmly towards them. The kitchen knife is dripping blood onto my hands, and for a moment I feel ill as my OCD flares up, making me think of the bacteria crawling through every drop of her blood.

​There's no time for that, what are you doing?!

​I growl and push through the mental barrier, lunging towards Jess with the knife. I aim for her chest but she dodges the blade. Unluckily for her, she throws herself to the left directly onto the steak knife, impaling herself under the chin. The blade cut up through the soft flesh of her neck, through her tongue and into the roof of her mouth, killing her instantly. I hear Lily screaming in sheer terror as I try to pull the steak knife from Jess' corpse, but to no avail. I abandon it, deciding to rely solely on the larger, more effective kitchen knife.

Lily sinks to the floor, unable to stand, and I know that she will be the easiest target. I grasp her by the hair and throw her head back, exposing the veins on her neck. Without a second thought, I draw the knife across her neck, cutting her open from ear to ear. Just like Meg, she falls to the floor in a fit of spasms, but this time I don't watch.

Something inside of me won't let me. My stomach is filled with dread.

"I need to get out of here," I mutter, but I can't bring myself to leave. I walk from room to room several times, examining the silent scenes before me.

Oh my god, what have I done?

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