August is a troubled adolescent. At home, his drunken stepfather makes his life hell, and at college he suffers at the hands of bullies. But August has never been one to break the law...until now. With a new taste for violence and a desire for vengeance, he begins to stalk 3 young women in a complicated and twisted search for power. [Rated 'Y' due to potentially disturbing/graphic content and frequent swearing]


4. Chapter 4: Recollections

​It didn't take me long to reach the college on foot. I had set off from the house at approximately 2.00am, and arrived at the college gates at 3.34am according to my wristwatch. It is now 5.15am. I'm surprised by how warm it is for the middle of May, and although the ground is cold beneath my clothes, the night air is pleasant against my troubled skin. A blanket of stars shrouds the lightening sky, and through the slight mist I can see the elegance of the moon.

I gently press the pads of my fingers against the knife's blade. The feeling of the cool serrated edge against my skin is exhilarating, and reminds me that what I'm handling is no longer a harmless tool to enjoy a pleasant meal with, but a potentially deadly weapon for piercing the flesh of another human being. I let this sink in, but for some reason I am not afraid by it. Not a single part of my being feels repulsed by what I'm going to do. I feel...calm. Calculated. Deadly.

I had formed a plan in my head on the way here, and so I begin to go over every aspect of it again and again, desperate not to miss anything. Every detail is meticulously formed and, if executed correctly, I will no longer be an ordinary college student but instead a murderer. The plan is simple. At 7.30am, the receptionists will open the college gates. At 7.45am, the first of the teachers will arrive. At 8.00am, the first of the students will arrive. It is at this point that I will relocate from the front gates to the back gates, where I know the "populars" gather before class. By populars, I mean the wannabe princesses slathered in makeup and the snarky boys who think a lick of hair gel and an hour in the gym will get them laid. Here, I will wait for my victims-to-be; three students by the names of Lily, Jess and Meg.

As a wallflower, I had observed their daily routine as I went about mine, and so there is no doubt in my mind that today, a Wednesday, they won't attend their first lesson but will instead traipse off to Meg's house where her mother will be smoking weed elsewhere. My plan is to follow them home, break into the house and attack them.

I laugh out loud, imagining their faces as they realise someone is in the house with them. ​They'll shit themselves. Ha!

​"This is gonna be great...finally they'll feel the same pain that they've made me feel." I mutter, a fresh gleam in my eyes. God, I hate these girls with a passion. Almost as much as I hate Cole, and that really is saying something. Lily is a self-righteous bitch who thinks of no one but herself. She hates anybody who doesn't fit in with the social norm, and that includes me with my constantly bruised face and my antisocial manner. Jess is a tall, strong gothic girl with an attitude. When I first met her in my history class, I thought she was different from the others, that perhaps she too was an outcast. But she soon ruined that theory when she got her boyfriend and his mates to corner me in the toilets just because I "looked at her funny". Meg is the worst of the three. She is short and thin but very attractive. In high school, we went out with each other but it didn't last very long. She dumped me after a few months because I was apparently too obsessive, and then a few days later I heard that she was already banging some other guy. In other words, she most likely cheated on me. When she found out we were going to the same college, she was determined to make my life hell, and she hasn't let me down yet.

I feel anger rising in my chest at the thought of all that they've done to me. I recall the first time they ganged up on me, insults blazing. They had called me a faggot, a freak and a pervert. Meg had counted off how many boyfriends she's had since me, knowing it would shatter what was left of my heart. Jess had pushed and shoved me as I tried to walk away, finally kicking my feet out from under me and sending me sprawling. Lily had laughed and told me that I was a "lame fucking excuse for a human". This was only my first week at college, and I hadn't been able to stand up for myself at this point. The constant bullying and harassment had carried on for months, ruthless and exhausting, until one day I broke and slapped Lily across the face, making her cry. Of course, they told their boyfriends what I had done. They made sure I didn't do it again; I remember lying in a heap in the local park, crying and bleeding, knowing that I would soon go home and experience the same abuse from Cole.

I shudder at the memories, pushing them away. It doesn't matter now, August. They'll pay for it soon. Going through all the painful memories has assured me that I have been left with no choice. They deserve to die for what they have done to me. And Cole deserves to die, too. But I know that I can't go home after this. To begin with, I will be wanted by the police, and where will they search first? Home. And secondly, even if the police aren't immediately assessing me as a suspect, I doubt I will survive the beating Cole will have in store for me. Hopefully my fists have given him enough damage to serve as a permanent reminder of the pain I've had to endure all of my life.

I check my watch. It's 6.59am. ​Shit, where did the time go? Get your ass up August. It's 16 minutes until the gates open. ​I climb to my feet and position myself out of sight behind the carpark wall.

Now for the wait.

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