Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


24. ...

        Liara sat, holding two fingers lightly to her lips. Oblivious to her surroundings as her mind continued to linger in what just transpired. “Ugh what the hell am I doing? Stop it Liara, that wasn’t even a real kiss. Just his lips pressed against yours, get over it. For that matter it wasn't even any good."

        "No. Just no, remember we hate being kissed.” An unseen voice spit.

        "Correction, we hate being kissed by everyone but him." Liara lifted a left brow.

        The other side of Liara's personality was wide awake and giving her two cents. "No! By any man that is not our Alpha, get that shit straight right now."

Liara now burned a stare through the table at which she sat. "Where were you all up until now?"

        "Ehsleeeeeping, don't know how nor why, but I took a long ass siesta (nap). But heyyyy woke up right in time to feel that rock hard di..."
        Liara rolled her eyes.

        "Whatever we both enjoyed that, don't.even. You were the one all, 'oh look'."  Guerra growled her opinion.

        A smirk, "I have absolutely no idea what you mean. I was proving a point."

        "Oh I got the point all right, loud and clear." Liara raised her left brow and coyly smirked at that phrase. "The point being that you are going back on your word, and letting him back in."

        Black neatly arched brows furrowed, "I would never! Too much at stake. That bastard kissed me. And you see there was no tongue, nada (nothing). He was showing me that he could play my little game. Besides, he's found a way to do that little sexy number, he doesn't need me for anything any longer. So arms length. Once again, that little game was fun while it lasted. He has information I need, and I will get it from him one way or another."

        "He's too cocky for my taste."  The beast within chimed in.

        Liara placed an elbow on the table and curled two fingers over her lip. Letting go of a breath, "for you and me both. But you still ain't taking over. So sorry boo."

        "Bitch!" Guerra spit in a deep growl.

        There was a nod in agreement with raised brows and pursed lips. "True. But technically, that's your title, that is what you are. And I would never interfere with what's yours."

        The wolf within Liara was going to answer her dominating half when they both smelled a familiar odor. Deodorant soap, heavy cologne, hair gel, crisp cotton with a healthy helping of innocence. He closed in on Liara who sat alone at a dining table in the dark corner of the Avengers Facility.

        He cleared his throat, "May I?"

        Yellow eyes took in his rather round behind as he passed by. She tilted her head in admiration. "You think it wise? We aren't the best of pals you know. There is bound to be fireworks, and not the good kind."

        "Yes ma'am. I understand. I will make this brief. I just wanted to inquire on your..."

        A smirk, "you are so adorable, you know that. You have no idea how to speak to women, do you. You remind me thoroughly of the shy doctor. Go ahead sweetheart, I'm all ears." Raised brows, taunting.

        The shy Avengers leader gulped and nodded as he watched the Wolf Serum infused woman prop herself up on the table to give him her undivided attention. Her yellow eyes reflecting light from the moon. "Yes ma'am. I was only wondering if you were okay. I understand some of the facts surrounding our mission and that you were injured during. I deeply regret that this happened."

        Raised brows, "I am fine now baby, no need to worry yourself over me. I am not laying blame on anyone either. I refused to let anyone fall on my watch. Meaning I put myself in the line of danger, it is what it is. You more than anyone should know that feeling."

        "Yes ma'am I do, but you weren't the one that was supposed to be in charge." Blond brows furrowed in his hesitance.

        A smirk, "I forget you are always the one to be in control, cute, so am I. You should have guessed by now, this is the reason that we hate each other and are going to forever butt heads. I mean there issss a way to stop that once and for all." A content hum vibrated from her closed throat.

        Innocent eyes seemed more than confused.

        Liara bit the left half of her bottom lip as her left cheek raised high with a smirk. "We could always have angry sex. I'd be doing you a favor while you could scratch my itch. In this we could oh soooo see just who's in charge, once and for all." A quick wink.

        Steve jumped to his feet and stormed from the room.

        The joy in her voice was carelessly masked with a false confusion. "Was it something I said?"

        "Hitting on my friends now I see." Called a voice that came up from behind her.

        Liara tiled her head upward, as she tipped the chair backwards in being able to see the man that closed in on her from the other side of the room that Rogers exited.

        "Mad that it wasn't you, I see." Raised brows.

        Shrug, "sure."

        "Meh you don't do it for me. But the fact that you are still up in your feelings over the fact that Murica got all super, is cute as hell though." Yellow eyes stared at the man that took the seat his best friend was in just moments ago.

        "What is wrong with you." Barnes took in the lowered head and wondering eyes of the woman in front of him.

        Liara stuck out her bottom lip as she lifted her head. "Haven't we been over this before?"

        Bucky shook his head, "no I mean really. There is something eating at you."

        Liara stood, making her way to the glass doors leading to the balcony. "Oh, yeah that would be fleas."

        "What?" The brunette followed Liara from the building.

        As she shook her head, Liara made her way and propped up on a railing. "You know laying with dogs, that whole sort. You think that I would have learned my lesson after all these years."

        When Bucky leaned down to copy Liara's stance, a lock of hair fell from behind his ear. "Is it the file that has you this way?"

        "File? What file?" Her head snapped toward her uninvited company.

        "The one that has you in deep..." confused blue eyes held hers.

        "Look here, Can Opener. I have no idea what you mean. For some reason I am pulling one of your numbers." Liara returned her view to the soaked terrain in front of her. "No, seriously. I can't for the life of me remember anything since I was hurt in the last mission."

        Her voice was stale and distant. Bucky could tell that this was heavily eating at her. He knew from experience that this could damage one's soul. Hell he was living proof of it, come to think about it, so was she. For her to be thrust back into the dark, with her fragile mind, "Liara."

        She started.

        The woman began to turn in leaving, before he knew it, Barnes' hand had grabbed hers and pulled her back to face him. "Liara, I understand what you are going through, let me help you."

        Yellow eyes closed as she shook her head, "so this which is happening... exactly why are being nice to me? We hate each other. Even when we were Hydra, you apparently did some shady things for your dislike of me."

        "Because out of everyone here, you and I are the most alike. Like it or not. We have history." Barnes defended his case.

        A cocky smirk was returned as she lifted her head, "do we now? Now see, I always knew that there was something between us besides your di..."

        "I was going to say Steve, but okay." A smile was returned as he knew she felt a little better.

        Liara reached and placed his free lock of hair to it's home behind his left ear. "I still hate you, just so we're clear. And I still don't trust anything about you. Oh and if you cross me great great grandpa, I'm ripping that arm off."

        Bucky wet his lips, as he looked down to the metal hand that still held onto Liara's. "To serve what purpose exactly."

        The growl that came from her should have scared him, but it seemed so familiar. "Personal."

        "So you would do that with my arm?" Barnes raised a right brow.
        A cocky smirk, "hey I hate you, not your arm. It seems mighty handy."

        The Winter Soldier pursed his lips to the left as the woman gave an amused chuckle. He relinquished his grip from Liara as she ran fingers through her own hair.

        "So you remember nothing of what happened to you after your near death experience." Barnes ushered the woman back to the metal railing.

        "Okay, here's the gist. I fall out, wake up in strange room. Broad enough for you? This file you speak of, is it that bad?" Liara turned to face the man directly as she placed a stay purple hair behind her ear.

        "Well, let's just say everyone knows a little more about you. I mean I wasn't invited to the shindig, but I hear it was a doozy." Bucky pulled his right cheek tight. "Global Nuisance they call you."

        Liara sarcastically laughed. "If they only knew."

        Bucky placed a hand on Liara's shoulder, "Ross is nothing to play around with..."

        "Wait, who?" Cutting him off as soon as she heard that name.

        "Ross. He was after me for a while as well. He's done some bad things to better people." Barnes explained.

        Liara let out a huff as her tongue pushed at the inside of her bottom lip. "Wait, so there was a meeting. Everyone was there, who is everyone?"

        She controlled her anger as the man continued to fill her in on some things. "Let's see, Steve of course. The rest of the Avengers aside from Banner, then there was someone named Alana oh and the new recruits."

        "Whoa. Whoa.whoa.whoa.whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa back up there L'Oreal. Who?" Rage was building.

        "You sound like a broken record." A smirk, not knowing the severity the conversation had now taken.

        "That is lovely, now the name." The danger masked with pleasantries.

        "Alana?" Bucky shook his head confused.

        Liara nodded, "that's the one."

        Without a second's hesitation, Liara sprinted from the patio, down a flight of stairs that took her to dormitories. One's in which she awoke earlier. As much as she tried deciphering, there was no indication of her friend. A narrow of the eyes. There it was. Not her best friend, her sister, no. Something much worse. The stench of someone that she'd hated for a long time. 

        Around a corner her legs took her, past several doors, until she took yet another turn, door thirteen. She knocked. No answer. Liara turned the knob. Unlocked. Purple hair loosened as she shook her head. To the small kitchen of the room she went, fumbled quietly in the cabinets until she found what she was looking for. Liara filled the bowl with cold water from the refrigerator, she even added ice for more effect. Swirled it around a few times until the ice began to dissolve.

        To the bedroom she made her way. There the person was, sound asleep, unsuspecting in the overly large bed. Glowing yellow eyes narrowed as she stalked her prey. Easing to the bed, Liara turned her nose at the horrid odor before she stopped completely and drenched the inhabitant.

        A blood curdling scream was muffled by Liara's hand. "I'll let go when you are finished being a baby."

        The woman's voice died out and Liara let go, "YOU.BITCH!"

        Liara tipped her head, "tell me something I don't know."

        "What in the hell was that for?" Spat Phoenix.

        "Phoenix, you really trying to play me for a damn fool?" Liara now pinned the woman's hands to her side. "I wondered why I couldn't remember a damn thing, but looky looky. Everything is so clear now."

        "I have no idea what you mean." The woman sulked as she thrashed, trying to free herself from the She Wolf's grasp.

        "Just what did I uncover for you to wipe my memory? Knowing you and the way you look, using her name, you filthy slut, you were up to no damn good." Liara raised her left brow.

        Phoenix stopped and calmed herself, "just so you know, he wanted it. All of it. Now unhand me, you filthy mutt, before you give me fleas. I will tell you everything."

        Not trusting the woman in the least, Liara sat to her side, ready for anything she tried. "You better make this worth my while."

        "I have been having fun?" She grimaced to the yellow eyes that began to dim in their appearance. "Ugh, ok, you got me back, we're square. I have been sleeping with someone as Alana. But before you go rabid and foaming at the mouth, just know we have been here already. You threatened to tell him, I wiped both our memories, so there."

        "Come again?" Liara lifted from the bed, disappointed in the other half of her best friend. "What the hell. You hate me that much?"

       Liara tossed herself onto the couch as the woman in the bed sat up and began to change her appearance to her true form. Long snow white curls replaced the fire themed tresses. As her eyes changed as well, Liara remembered just why she hated this woman. On top of her being mean to Alana constantly, she was drop dead gorgeous. Her natural bright red lips, light emerald eyes with her caramel skin gave off an unbelievable contrast with her white hair. However it all seemed to fit, the more it stood out. On top of being completely stunning, she had a killer body to boot.

        "Alana wanted this, so don't even go there. Well, she asked for something like this, but this is what she got." The thin woman wiped at the wet hair that clung to her face. "I can still feel her, even though we are now two entirely separate beings. I like life this way, you should so try it. Then one of you could give Bruce fleas, while the other of you could give Fury what he soooo needs."

        Liara crossed her arms as she rolled her eyes, "Look here, hoe. I'm not made like you are. I am only one person with a split personality, so try again."

        "That changes." Phoenix stated.

        A slow head shake, "not anymore."

        "Oh my goodness, you are finally house broken. It only took you what, thirty years." A smirk.

        Yellow eyes closed, "you keep talking, but have yet to tell me why you took away two days worth of my life."

        "Well, see, now. Don't get mad. Cause you so did before." The white haired, caramel skinned woman replied with a cautious squeaky voice.

        "Right now I could care less. I'd rather discuss the reason you are here and not Alana. But I know you won't, so yes I won't get mad." Yellow eyes watched as the other woman pulled her hair into a ponytail.

        Phoenix shook her head, "she's on the way here now. By the way that I feel, she'll be here by later this afternoon."

        "Great. Now the reason I'm missing time from my life is?" The She Wolf rolled her eyes as she all too well knew that Phoenix was stalling.

        Phoenix rubbed at her eye, "but you have to promise, and obey like a good girl."

        "A name." Liara cut her eyes to the celestial being.

        Her voice was low and overly nervous as it was hesitant. "The fun one."

        "I swear that I will soak your ass again. Keep on." Liara now sat on the edge of the couch.

        "Tony, alright. Happy now! But I still don't know why I took your memory. Knowing you Global Nuisance, you did something despicable and when you touched me I saw it and it had to go. Cause first of all, you nasty. I bet you slept with Fury, cause second of all, you gross as hell like that. Ewww. That would be a huge ass reason for me to get that crap out of my mind quick like. Ewww just eww. Third cause you would be the one to do that.

        "I swear if you hurt him. It'll be you and me. And you better tell him. Cause when Alana gets here, shits going to hit the fan boo boo." Liara lifted and headed toward the door.

        "Wait, where are you going?" The small woman grabbed for Liara whom backed away from her touch.

        "Not this time. I have too much on my plate as it is because of you. I wish you would look into my mind again. You've made your bed, now lay in it." Liara exited the door.

        As she turned the corner, she ran into Bruce. "Stalker, can you move."

        "I saw you." He called after her.

        Liara turned on a dime, as she watched Banner close in on her, "pretty sure I know that already, but seeing as how I could care less, and the fact that I was minding my own business."

        "I asked you about him before." He flatly stated.

        "I also recall that I answered your question, but you accused me of lying. Like I told you, I'm nowhere near the same woman that was stupid enough to find herself in your bed. Let's see you spoke of my level of integrity. That shit died when we did. You showed me that even the most perfect men are still dogs. I had hope for you, I really did. I thought that you were so different from all others, but you aren't." Liara shook her head. "I just feel bad for Red when you break her heart in the end, cause that is your level of integrity."

        There was a twitch of Banner's right cheek.

        Liara scrunched her face as she slowly turned, leaving the man standing there.

        "He'll break your heart, he's not right for you." The whisper carried through her ears loud as day.

        The yellow eyed woman turned to face the gentle scientist, "we speaking about you or him? No, never mind, cause you made sure that I never trust another man as long as I live. Oh and he doesn't have to be right for me, as long as it gets hard for me, I'm just fine."

        Once more the woman turned to leave as Bruce only watched in disbelief of her words. She had just opened up to him the other night. But never once did she say that she and Bucky were doing things. He furrowed his brow as he made his way slowly to his room. Banner entered and sat on his couch. Slung his jacket over the armrest. In shaking his head, he slouched back to analyze everything that was eating at him.

        Liara in her time of need confessed everything, or was that just another ploy? To get what she needed? She was unbelievably resilient in getting what she wanted. Even more enchanting when she needed something. Did she only tell him what he wanted to hear, for him to open up and help her?

        Or was the truth in what she just told him, that she and Bucky Barnes were together? They were always around each other, very close and to top it off they had chemistry. The same type that he himself and she possessed in the past. Bruce now leaned his elbows unto his knees as he rubbed a hand down his face. As smart as he was, Bruce was at a loss for deciphering her actions. Liara was always the biggest enigma in his life.

        Then there was Fury. Banner rolled his eyes as he started to unbutton his shirt. There was also the fact that she actually married a man, that man should have been he himself. In knowing it would have been him if he wouldn't have destroyed Liara's heart. He threw the shirt down with force onto a chair as he walked to the window.
        He stared down to the trees, they swayed gently in the wee morning breeze. Something caught his eye, there down below, walking headed to the forest. "Where are you going?" With his words, barely uttered, the woman turned to take him in. Cocked a left brown, smirked, raised and lowered her fingers. Letting him know that she was leaving.

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