Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


8. Winter Soldier

        Liara stayed in place, watching the long haired man descend the level. She narrowed her eyes once more. Why was it that every time this man was around she smelled metal. There was something about him that was always, off. It bothered her more than the sting of seeing Bruce moving on with his love life at the present time. Even if Bruce denied anything, Romanoff's smell was all over him. But that would have to wait, right now Liara's complete attention was on the 'new comer'.

        This Barnes was in the gym, and funny, that is exactly where she was headed before he was around. Liara walked in and he wasn't in eye's view, but by his smell she knew he was in the weight room. Liara stopped when she was halfway in the room for her name was called.

        "Guerra, good to see you." Barton called as he walked out of the showers.

        "Likewise." She changed her direction and decided to run her frustrations out. Liara decided she could just as easier tap into Barnes info from her new laptop, and that way she wouldn't be lied to.

        She starting stretching then began her jog. Turned her music up and just become lost in the tunes. She was overly stressed and the frustration over some stranger wasn't helping her in the least. She had to be at least five laps in on the football field sized indoor track when someone new came up to keep her pace. Liara pulled her earbud out and waited for him to speak.

        "I thought that I would make myself known." The overly toned man spoke.

        "Oh, I should know you huh?" She returned as their pace slowed a bit.

        "Oh absolutely." The man grinned.

        "I'll bet." Liara nodded.

        He extended a hand, "name's Sam, Sam Wilson."

        Without breaking a stride, Liara accepted his hand. "Nice to meet you, Sam Sam Wilson. Name's Liara Guerra. Well that is what everyone calls me at least."

        The man chuckled as he shook his head. "At least you don't leave me in the dust."

        "Oh, am I doing this wrong? Hold up and let me do it right." Liara smirked.

        "Wait, you're fast as well? Dammit." Sam asked.

        "Not by choice. Don't let my size fool you. Just cause this old girl ain't no size 0 don't mean nothing," Liara joked.

        "I love meat on my bones." Sam smirked.

        "Of course you do. A man like you needs something to hold onto. It's only right." Liara returned.

        "See, you feel me." Sam laughed.

        Liara nodded.

        The phone in Sam's pocket rang, he pulled it out, read the message, "I'm sorry but I have to go, it was very nice meeting you."

        "Of course it was, I'm very memorable." Liara continued jogging as her company turned and ran the other way.

        Liara made up her mind that she would make two more laps, so that it'd be even. After so, she didn't stop in the showers, Liara made her way to her quarters in a hastened pace to instead shower there. She found some of the clothes that were left here from her previous stint in the helicarrier. She pulled the jeans up and she slung the tee on quickly. And pulling a cap over her damp hair. Liara was on a mission that needed all her undivided attention, and that was exactly what was going to happen.

        The woman opened her new Fury given toy and quickly was where she needed to be, she with ease was already deep within the S.H.I.E.L.D. files that weren't public notice. She scanned all those files and nothing was even remotely anything that was really going on. Hell, the public really couldn't handle everything, Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. both knew it. She dug deep, in the overly encrypted files by none other than Fury himself made was were she already knew to start. First she found out her new cohorts and what and where they all came from. The man she just met, went by the name of Falcon. She poked her lower lip out as she agreed with a hum seeing that he was a flyboy. Banner had invented a stress relieving serum, she tilted her head, even Liara could admit to herself that she needed a little of that right now. Given since her mind was torn between three directions at the current moment. Skimming, she saw that Fury had it noted that Banner and Romanoff were a thing. Meh, she could have told him that, Hawkeye had a family, this to she already knew. 'Murica went off looking for his friend.

        That was something that caught her full attention. In that file were two sub-folders. She clicked into to the 'Foxtrot' file, as she did, she couldn't believe her eyes. The first thing she saw was Nick's vehicle being pelted, but when she saw him being sniped was horrifying enough until she got further in. Him laying flat-lining, she knew her eyes were already glowing reflecting her rage building within. The footage changed to him waking up in a underground makeshift infirmary. "But who in the hell did this to you? Why aren't you showing me this? Always an asshole, Fury. Age hasn't changed you in the damn least. If anything, it's made you worse. Cool, you're dead, I get that. Overly dramatic way at doing it, but it got the job done."

        Liara was pissed now with the man in charge, so much so she closed that folder and tapped into the other sub-folder. As soon as she opened it, she was given a written tale of the bromance that was the Stucky. Going back to over decades. "Hmm, squad goals. Ha, Alana and I are almost there. We could double date, but then again there's the fact that I hate one's guts and the other is nowhere near my type. She'd love them both if she wasn't riding that crazy dude." She looked through the file. Nothing.

        "Hydra hmm, cool, let's see what the BMOC wrote about me, I swear I'll kick his ass if he painted me poorly." Liara opened 'Project Loba', the same thing that was already known to her, since she and Alana, let's say persuaded some wonderful helpful Hydra men into handing over paper files. It was not their fault that those three men found their deaths by the lady's hands. The women did say thank you after the duo were given the intel. But for the nerve of those men trying to hurt their feelings by calling them hurtful things, I mean how rude. Liara laughed as she recalled. 

        "I miss you friend. You need to bring your happy ass back, there's so much that you are missing, and the way that time there is far different, you're going to end up missing everything. I know that you can hear me. I have too much to fill your behind in on. What you need to do is stop igging me."

        Liara clicked through more pages and found something that she didn't recognize. "Wait, what the hell." Her eyes began reading thoroughly. "No, I don't remember this, when did this... winter of 78?" Liara stared at the keyboard. Trying her hardest to remember anything around that time. Everything was coming as a complete blank. "Why can't I remember that? Forget it, Hydra itself will tell me what I need to know."

        She completely left the S.H.I.E.L.D. circuits and dived into the Hydra files, she searched and finally found it, Liara read that she was in Russia for two months and sniped various S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. "Meh, they weren't high ups really. So I guess that it really doesn't matter. But why would I snipe? Who was I pretending to be? All I keep seeing is 'HIM', who is 'HIM' and why, why isn't he being named."

        Liara pushed her lips out, as she closed that file and looked for anything fairly current. "Blah blah blah, wait wait, hmm. This is promising." She opened a folder that was titled 'Loose Ends' there within were Sub-folders, each of the current Avengers names as titles. She tsked repeated until she finally found the Barnes folder.

        "" There staring back at her, as she opened the folder, was the Winter Soldier. Liara knew exactly whom that was. She shook her head, HIM, that was whom she was portraying back in 78. She never knew his name, only the codename was ever used in his reference. She was infuriated. No wonder she was always smelling metal, "his arm." She clicked through the pictures, and there toward the back, was all she needed to justify her hatred.

        Liara stormed from her room, pissed. Letting her nose lead the way. She found the scent within seconds. He was not far from her location, speaking with his buddy. Liara waited with every ounce of her demeanor she could muster. When Rogers patted him on the back and walked away, Liara took her chance and pounced on the man. Her momentum slammed Barnes into the wall. Her strength trapping him there. She looked up into his eyes. As she kept her forearm at his throat.

        "I knew I hated you for a reason. You, Winter Soldier. You are the reason. And the fact that Fury almost died at your hands." Her eyes burned with the hate in her heart.

        Bucky looked down at her, emotionless, "I wasn't in control of my actions."

        Liara pressed her arm harder into his Adam's apple. Choking him, "and that somehow makes it better? Justifies it? Because you were brainwashed? So was I, but you don't see me NOT waking up, not knowing right from wrong. No, you enjoyed every bit of the destruction just as much as I." Now her voice was borderline animal.

        "I'm sorry. I'm at terms with my complete memory. The things that I did weren't something that I would do. Unlike you." He took his left mechanical arm and overpowered her, now pinning her into the crevice that his body created with the initial impact. He ducked lower to see her eyes from beyond the brim of her cap. She lowered her head.
        "You are strong, but I am stronger." He lifted her chin forcefully with his left prosthetic until they were eye to eye.

        She narrowed her eyes, "barely."

        "On which of those facts?" Barnes smirked.

        Glistening eyes sparkled back. "Both. There is only one here that is far beyond our strengths."

        He crinkled his brow, "that thing that you do with your eyes."

        "None of your business." Liara tried to push him off of her person.

       Barnes smirked, and only closed the gap between them. "Everything you do is my business now little lady. Seeing as how I am Steve's righthand man. I have every intention of keeping my best friend and everyone else safe."

        He was so close now that she could feel his breath on her face which did nothing but infuriate her further.
        "If I have to take you down in the process, then I will by any means necessary. You forget I know what you are more than capable of." Bucky tightened his grip around her throat until he heard her make choking sounds.

        Liara coughed as her hand reached and pried herself free. "Look here old timer, you know what I'm able to accomplish, although you've never seen me in action. We can sooo change that whenever you're feeling froggy."

        "Just name the time, animal." Bucky backed off her.

        Liara took a hard breath, and sneered. "You're not far from it cripple. When you come up with a legit reason why you hate me, geezer, other than the mere fact that I hate you. Then come see me." Lira smirked.

        Barnes seemed rather confused as he frowned.

        "Since I'm the animal that you called me, you forget that I can smell and sense things that aren't told. You dislike me for my history, but in that entire Hydra history we never once came in contact nor have I ever put my hand on anything that is yours or your friends. The same cannot be said about you. So this animal has a sound proof reason to hate the air you breathe." the woman fixed her shirt.

        "I am good, now, again." Bucky's voice faded as he defended himself.

        "Mmhmm, ok. When you prove it, I'll believe it. Until then, the hate is real sweetheart." Liara began to walk away.

        Barnes grabbed her arm.

        Liara jerked away and her voice was completely animal this time. "Don't you ever touch me again. Unless you want to have another prosthetic."

        The Winter Soldier only held his hand up as Liara walked away.

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