Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


14. Winding Down

        As soon as she walked from the room, Liara had her music. Drowning all the nuisances left behind in the room and the entire house for that matter. In allowing the tunes to lift her spirits, she made her way to the basement. To check in on the blood sample her doctor, Lorena had taken.

        "She's still sleeping." The yellowed eyed woman found a free stool to sit upon while entering. "You know it's really taking you a long time to even get remotely anything done."

        The doctor sat down next to her. "Well if your blood wasn't so..."

        "Destructive. Poisonous. Toxic. Life threatening. Kil...ling," her words were troubled as they trailed off. "Take your pick."

        "Shut up, that is not going to happen." Lorena reached a hand over Liara's," you have a backup, and that is working."

        "God only knows for how long. It's becoming less and less of a fix, so to say." The she wolf nodded, as her eyes stared a hole through the counter. "Look Lorena, I am glad you two came down here to draw this sample. But I need you and her to get back to the hideout. You are needed there, more than anywhere else. I could have taken this blood myself and sent it to you."

        "Aw, you care about my well being now? Where was that when you were killing Samuel?" The Mexican woman tried her best to bring Liara out of her funk.

        The neatly arched eyebrows furrowed deep next to her, "you actually could care less and that was a different time. I have, I think at least, tried to make up for all of those agents that I have killed. All of you are living well, not needing for anything. Everyone has seemed to forgiven me and whatnot. The town is flourishing needless to say."

        "Of course they have. All the families of those poor souls have nothing to worry about now, and that is because of you. You gave us all something to do. A trade, stability, educated us. Look at me, I'm what I always wanted to be, but was never able to. The only one that continues to hate you, is you." The doctor smeared a slide with blood. Preparing to place it under a microscope.

         Liara raised her brow for a moment, in sensing the incoming company, "true. So now you have your blood, when are you getting back to the more dire situation?"

        The darker of the two women leaned down to inspect the smear through the microscope. "I'm leaving right after I tell you that this sample is the same as the others. I'm sorry, but you will still be able to..."

        "To what? Continue to be an immortal." Stark made his way in the laboratory, with doctor Banner in toe.

        "As long as I change each and every full moon. You know the drill, better than being a heartless vamp." Liara fixated her yellow eyes on the men that entered the lab. "Cold, soulless, unable to love. To procreate."

        "Oh I agree. Pack life, ability to make little furballs in your likeness, feasting on men. If I'm not mistaken." The dark haired man took a stool, dragging it in front of the one he loved to tease.
        Liara smirked. "You always are."

        Tony sat down staring into Liara's eyes, "Love your mate for life."

        "Love," the purple haired woman gave a face as if she smelled something foul in the air, "is a blatant lie told to little children. To instill an illusion, distracting from how horrible the world actually is.

        Tony smirked, without loosing eye contact. "Bruce is that true? You are the doctor here. No, sorry besides the vet."

        "Um... well... it... it is technically a... well... Tony." The doctor cleared his throat as he pointed to the microscope to take a look at the slide.

        Liara sighed. "It's all in the mind, come on Tony."

        "The feelings and behaviors associated with falling in love definitely have a neurobiological basis, but much about what love means is constructed by the mind." The shy scientist spoke up, agreeing with the wolf powered woman.

        "And don't forget culture. All those romantic princess bullshit stories of finding a so called Prince Charming. Knight in shining armor riding in on his horse to save the day, don't make me laugh. There's no such thing, never was never will be. Give me a tattooed bad boy in leather on a hog any day." The yellow eyed woman added as she laid her head on the counter.

        Lorena nodded, "that is so true."

        "Must everyone here be party poopers?" Stark whined.

        "Only the beautiful people." Liara taunted.

        The dark haired man poked out his lower lip. "Whatever I found my Princess..."

        "And she, her fool in tin foil on his high horse." Yellow eyes glistened behind raised playful brows, as one faint contented huff was heard by her alone. She exchanged her gaze for the owner of the sound. Banner, bent over still studying the blood. She looked him up and down. In her sizing him up, her stare lingered on his feet.

        Tony let out a gasp, "oh my god how dare you. Just for that I will not do you a solid and give you a flea bath."

        The purple haired woman lifted from her seat and slowly made her way to the entrance of the lab. "Lorena I expect you to take my baby and get her the hell out of here within the hour." Liara leaned down to whisper into Tony's right ear, "aw, I guess no fun for you then."

        Stark made as if he was going to say something, then quickly closed his mouth.

        Liara made her way swiftly up the stairs before anyone decided to follow her. Made her way to the den. Checking on Rosa Linda, after she was convinced the little girl was soundly asleep, she found her way down into the underground tunnels.

        "Where is Lone Wolf all off to?" Stark, whom was busy watching the feed from a set of screens in the lab.

        Lorena laughed, "That would be to the underground home she had made, you know for her sensitiveness. And it is quite curious that you would call her this. That is the name that her husband would go by."

        "Him, yes, I forgot about that guy. I thought he was just another figment of her imagination, to make herself seem all mysterious adding to the persona." Tony pursed his lips.

        The man stroked at his goatee as he sat to listen intently to the story Lorena had to share. "No, Mr. Stark. She was married. Huge guy. Acted much like her, actually they made a perfect fit. He liked everything that she does. You know the dark scary stuff. Weird dark items, skulls, and all the things that are involved in that crazy freakish lifestyle. He drove a motorcycle and was instantly drawn to her when he first saw her. Kindred spirits, I think."

        "Hmm. Mature? She likes them older looking than her for some reason." Stark furrowed his brow.

        The woman shook her head, "actually he looked very age appropriate for her."

        "It wouldn't have worked out for them regardless." Tony mentioned.

        Lorena became curious, she laid all her tubes on the lab table to converse further with the man. "I disagree. They were together for four years. They were thick as thieves, those two. He helped her to become what she is now."

        "A complete mess." Stark retorted.

        The woman shook her head, "no, you have absolutely no idea what you mean. You lack knowledge of what these past years have done to Liara. Everything she has been through. The changes that Liara made psychologically. She was completely deranged, lost, when she showed up here after leaving your ranks. Nothing but her appearance was human. She was the wolf, Guerra, as she calls her, non stop. Evil, vicious. Pure hate. Nothing but ice ran through her veins. It was horrible, she was non trusting, damaged, defeated. She was torn down. So far so that Liara was a danger to herself. If it wouldn't have been for him..."

        "I'm sorry." A shy voice trembled in it's deliverance.

        Doctor Rodriguez turned to take in the site of Bruce that seemed troubled, she shook it off. "So am I. But it's not our fault is it? I mean she lost her way, I think that all of us do. At some point in our lives. But her struggle was much more profound than any of ours, you know. The poor soul has seen so much, done so much. I can only imagine the horrors Liara sees every night in her nightmares. I pray for her, I truly do. But back to what I was saying. Not long after Liara came here and claimed this as her stomping ground, he showed up. Took that guy what seemed like forever to break down her walls, but he was persistent, I'll give him that. Knew what he wanted, and refused to take 'no' as an answer. Soon, she was using him as a rock, her foundation, while he was completely under her insane charms. He had a huge part in healing Liara I guess. I know he brought her back to life to a means, and I'm thankful he did."

        "Hmm, and here I thought that you had issues with the color change, Banner." Tony eyed his best friend that stood propped on a wall, arms crossed, soaking in everything like a sponge.
         “There is so much more, but that is her story to tell. Life here is never dull, that I can tell you. This entire town is on the map thanks to her. Everyone here is directly affected by her." The doctor returned to her vials.

        "Ah, um, how... how so?" Bruce pushed his glasses back correctly onto his nose as he furrowed his brow. Intrigued to say the least by this bit of information.

        "Everyone here is close a family member to someone from The S.H.I.E.L.D. Origination that Guerra killed while working for Hydra. She's protected, educated us, housed, financially secured everyone of us. A means to try and make up for being the monster that she was. She's seen more as a hero here now than anything else." The long haired woman turned to Banner, giving him a gentle face.

        "As for main squeeze, got a pic? I want to see what could have possibly been interesting enough for her to allow him to be her personal boy toy." Stark inquired.

        The dark skinned woman shook her head, "good luck. When her Lone Wolf died, so did all existence of him. She even took the picture I kept in my purse of their wedding. Which I would like back, for Rosita loved him to death. But that will never happen."

        "Everything?" Tony asked.

        Lorena nodded, "sí todo (yes everything)"




        "Really." Liara stated in taking a whiff of the sent.

        The taller man smirked, still leaned against the rock wall, "you know of some place better?"

        The light olive complected woman nodded, "of course. Anywhere but here."

        "Whatever you say." He righted himself as the woman neared.

        Yellow eyes rolled in passing, "come on loverboy. Since I have to put up with your stench tonight. You could at least shower and change. Or is it you don't do hoodies and ball caps."

        "Not over that remark I see. Nice place you got here, no wonder I was unable to find you." She cut her eyes, as the two casually strolled.

        Liara lead the man deeper into the cave. The tunnel that had to be lit by lanterns was the only path leading to her dwelling. "Whatever Nicholas, you just hate the sweats cause you can't check out my ass." 

        "Is it that obvious?" There was a familiarness in his voice that calmed Liara's spirit.

        The woman growled as she opened a thick steel door, inviting the 'always in all black' man into her abode. "Just as much now as it was twenty years ago, when you would have dropped everything on a dime to scratch each and every one of my itches."

        The man laughed, "As I recall, that was your hot ass."

        "Was? Baby I still am. Just look at me." Liara closed the sound proof door behind her. "Come on grandpa, there's a room you can use."

        Fury furrowed his brow as his eye adjusted to the darkness, "really."

        "Yep, it's called the living room," the owner of the cave dwelling made her way to the power switch. Within seconds, the home glowed vibrantly. "Come on, a shower is further back."

        Fury took in the sight of the decorations throughout the house. The walls were of course made of the mountain itself, but the insides showed themselves inviting. Though it be dark and grim, inviting none the less. Matte black leather and suede furniture with metal accents. Red throw pillows to top it off. The surrounding furnishings and fittings were keeping in with the theme. There were various skulls and paraphernalia pertaining to death and dark arts about. He could appreciate the atmosphere, for he knew it was all in Liara's taste.

        A huge kitchen could been seen to his far left. But in keeping with his company's pace, a good handle on everything was hard to come by. But from what Fury could make out, there was nothing shy of state of the art appliances about. Down a huge hall Liara led him, full of wolf paintings in dramatic dark art scenes, each one had eyes resembling a certain woman's. Liara halted before the second door on the right. 

        "Come on, you'll need something to change into after you shower. I mean unless you want to let your funk fly, then be my guest." The woman raised her brows once.

        Nick leaned on the door as he watched the woman enter the room and bring him back sweats and a t-shirt. "You could always help a brother out."

        "I could, but since I'm not allowed to get a piece of the action, I refuse to lift heavy objects. So you're on your own big boy." Guerra coquettishly walked up to the man, raised her brows as she handed him the clothes.

        Nick lowered his head as he chuckled. "You are one dangerous woman, you know that."

        "Clearly, this is why you've changed your mind on the form of the mission. Oh, you can use this room. It's spacious enough for you and your ego. There's a bathroom off to the righthand corner. House is yours, have fun. I'm going to crash." The woman scratched her head and made her way around the man propped against the door.

        Nick watched as Liara made her way past the threshold, he tossed the borrowed clothing on the bed, right along with the coat he slipped off. "Which?"

        "Plan on visiting? Last door on the left." Liara called back. Before Nick could hear the door latch closed.

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