Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


28. Where She Wants To Be

       "Are you okay with this move?" A small Latina woman asked.
        With a lowered head and a overly burdened sigh, the answer was replied, "no. But what other choice do I have?"
        There was an all too evident snide in her tone. "You run this charade. You know best. Where is it to this time? Back to México? Nuevo York? Under the Avengers Facility? Come here now, I must to know, I can pack everything according..." (New)
        "Shut the fuck up, I get it. No, I'm for real, I get it. I get all of it. I get the risks. I get the dangers. I get that you speaky English for shit. I even get the fact in you're pissed you get no time off. That is why I am here, where I actually want to be. So go. Go be a little whore in the streets. Go make another fatherless child. I support you in your endeavors one hundred percent. And while you're bouncing on various dicks, make sure to not catch anything. Slutting it up always leads to cooties." Liara raised from her seat on the sofa as she then began to stretch her back.
        "So you are saying what you want me to do, same as you? Jugando con pelotas lo dejo a Usted. (Playing with balls I leave to you).
        With the cut of the eyes to her right, Liara quickly matched the sarcasm in Lorena. "Baybay no one is as me hun. It'd take you a millennia to get as good as all this. Besides you'd be cute if you ever tried. Thin. Short. Men seem to like short women for some reason."
        "No, just that you are too tall for average man." Lorena pursed her lips and shook her head while thinking.
        A huff, "not my fault that perfection only comes in size Short. Besides, last I looked they loved climbing trees."
        There was a nod from behind Liara that her sensitive ears could hear, "which is why I never get anyone. You take all."
        "Taking joy in the beauty that was created, true true. But I unlike you, am not interested. I can bullshit with them all day long. But then what? I take off whatever pair of shades I have on that day and what, scare them. Get weird looks, dogged out, no. I have no time for that. I am fine the way I am. Alone." Liara lowered her head in shaking it. Calling back memories that forever stay stuck in her mind.
        The small framed woman tried to help, "you have Bruce."
        An amused chuckle escaped Liara as soon as the name left the other woman's lips. "By myself."
        "With Bruce. Sí him, the tiny one. Perfect in short, your favorite. He is at least the same height as you. (Yes)
        A slow smile creased the She Wolf's face as sarcasm was filling her mind, ready to explode. "For a while, then I got the pleasure of climbing trees. The good ole days." She topped her statement with a shrug, then headed for the exit of the small living room.
        "That made perfection, no. But you still disgust. Wait I don't think. Is he nice when he doesn't look like he does ahora? Like a bum." (now) Brows raised in question.
        A finger raised with each answer. "Complete, which I'm rapidly killing with just being the freak show that I am. I try I try. You never do." Liara then turned to directly deliver her last phrase. "He's much hairier in other places. But I see you. Thirsting over my sloppy seconds, I'll tell him to shave and cut his soft curls, since that is such a turn off to you. Well maybe just to shave since you have issue with manliness. Actually he looks much like..."
        Cutting the yellow eyed woman off. "No, that is everything you are. Second, at least I would treat him right. I need to find una foto, he seems nice." (a pic)
        A more than contented laugh, "until you make him angry."
        A purse of the lips, "you do this all the time."
        "Yes yes, but I have this way with him." Yellow eyes danced.
        "I bet you do." The small Mexican woman crossed her arms, felling quite confidant.
        A cocky smirk, "good one. I know that you are trying to make me claim him or some shits, but nope."
        Calmed raising of the brow. "Don't have, or need to? I forget which, but you did that when you came back to me like you did. You claim him, as always do. No matter how a hard la boca de Usted protesta." (your mouth protests)
Oh my GOD! I could have been with Nicholas!" Liara clearly still rejecting the mere idea it was Banner, in any shape or form.
        A nod, while in thought. "You could been. I see the way that the two of you sill love each other."
        "I told you before. Stop labeling things en la forma que lo haces." Liara rolled her eyes as she once again made for the door, this time grabbing for the handle. "Only friends. What do you not understand in that. Hell, I could have been with that old crippled senior citizen that possesses the young man disguise. He seems rather attached all of a sudden like. Not that I'm complaining, but." (in the way you do)
Lorena called after the woman leaving the threshold "not your type."
        "Forever my type, however with that being said, means nothing. Something is off with him, and throw in that stench of his prosthetic which highly annoys me. Then there is the way he touches me, also in the fact he seems to know things about me. Which he claims to not remember, my fat ass." Liara returned with two bags that she tossed into the seated woman's lap. "Never say that I never did anything for you."
        Large dark brown eyes took in the gift bags within her grasp. "How."
        "None of your business, promise me one thing though." Yellow eyes took in the contented woman opening her gifts.
        Lorena looked up to the woman who was propped against a wall, arms crossed. "Anything."
        Liara yawned. "Be careful."
        "You care," the woman with a heavy Mexican accent finished opening everything the She Wolf brought her.
        "Noooo, I'd just hate to kill someone. Oh and there is that tiny fact I hate being woken up." A stronger yawn, this time provoking yellow eyes to water.
        A smirk. "So there is this Doctor that I might like to..."
        "I'll kick your ass. I mean that would be like what, the second man you want after I've broken them in." Liara ran her hands down her face.
        Lorena shook her head, "the second that only has eyes for you."
        "I can't tell." Pursed lips to the right.
        The dark skinned woman stood as Liara pushed off the wall. "You can't"
        "I can't what?" Stopping herself from leaving.
        Lorena walked to the woman, pulling her to sit on the couch as she herself gathered everything to spend some time out. "Sleep before you see me."
        "I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying here. Right here on this couch seems a good enough place as any. For your sake I better be still woke when you return." As soon as the words left her mouth, Liara's eyelids became heavy and she dosed off.
        The sound of heels hitting carpet awoke Liara with a jolt. After a moment, Lorena finally made her way to the living room. "You like?"
        "Yes, you know you better be sexy. Got your boobs all out. Damn girl, go eat they hearts out. I need sleep." The She Wolf made her way out of the room but not before looking the small woman up then down.
        Lorena watched, as the still under the weather woman made her way down the hall, directly where she knew Liara needed to be more than any other place. Lorena made her way from the home as the latch of a door could be heard echoing from down the hall.
        With barely open eyes, Liara closed the door. On instinct climbed into the twin sized bed. Snuggling, wrapping her arms softly around the inhabitants. A contented sigh was released with her smile as she repostioned, then found herself in deep slumber.

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