Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


29. Where She Belongs

        A hastened burst through the door was louder than expected. Even so, without a second's hesitation two arms extended from the side of the bed. A distraught tot quickly ran into the welcoming embrace. An olive complected woman pulled the sobbing and frantic child into her arms. "Y mi mami? Ella no esta. Se me dejaba sola." (And my mommy? She's not here. She left me alone.)
"Shhh, comó mi preciosa? Ella nunca te va a dejar sola. Tampoco nunca voy a dejarte sola, mi princesa. Entonces tienes a aguantarme para siempre." Liara kissed, guided and held Rosa's head into her chest as she laid them both down. The tot instinctively kicked her legs to either side of the woman's body. Rosa grabbed two fists-full of the woman's shirt as she nestled into her. (Shhh, how my beauty? She'll never leave you alone. Nor will I ever leave you alone, my princess. Then you have to put up with me forever.
        There was a faint whimper, followed by a soft hiccup as the young daughter of Lorena took solace in the arms of her yellow eyed Madrina. (Godmother) Whom continued to rock and soothe the very young girl within her embrace. As Liara patted at the child's right thigh, the other hand ran up and down Rosa's back. Lips brushed soft kisses along the top of the babe's head. "Duérmete mami. Todo va estar bien." (Sleep mommy. Everything will be fine.)
        Liara once again kissed Rosa's head, as the child finally allowed herself to succumb to slumber. Rosa relinquished the death grip on the material within her grasp, Liara in one fail swoop rotated with the child in arm. Placing Rosa in her resting place as Liara eased from the bed. The woman pulled the covers and tucked the child in, on reflex the child snuggled further into a comfortable position, sinking deeper into the overly soft mattress.
        "Duérmete tranquila mami. Durante que estoy aqui, nada mal va a pasar," Liara took in the bed and its entire inhabitants. "A nadie." (Go to sleep, Mami. While I'm here, nothing bad will happen, to anyone.)
        The serum infused woman found a spot on the floor to lay down for what was left of the night. Let out a huff. Sighed and reached for her phone which was left under the bed. For its constant vibrations, which Liara found more than annoying. While bringing the device closer toward herself, the woman rolled onto her stomach. Tsked through her teeth as she unlocked the contraption. Paying attention to the messages that were sent from Lorena first. Yellow eyes rolled as she shook her head. "Really woman. I give you time alone and this is how you spend it? Ugh. You act as if you're the one that hates people. You just can't with some people, I swear. Now. I have all these other messages by who else, of course. Now let's see, how should I answer them, with sarcasm of course. It just wouldn't be right, now would it? Ha, I love me sometimes."
        Liara laughed to herself as she read through the messages that were sent to her from the Avengers 'dead' Director and the horribly witty responses that were easily filling her mind. It was entire enjoyment until she scrolled down and saw a message from Bruce. Everything became serious quickly. Her breath caught in her throat. "Ro...bert?" Her voice broke, even in the whisper that barely spoke his name. There was a confused wince. Her brows furrowed more by the second. She shook her head violently. "No, that's absurd. God I need to catch a damn grip and stop acting all illaformed in just seeing his name. UGH." She cowered her head down when she knew her voice had raised.
        "Stop being stupid, you already know that he'll never text you, only man left on Earth that only calls. Stark. None other than the sidekick. He'll be the one that I answer first. Sorry boo, but I need to have a conversation with that sexy ass man first. Then you can have flirty time with Big Black. Oh wait, that's me once again. You need to learn to be unfaithful once again. This waiting on one man for the rest of your life is making you miserable." Liara, living with the damage of a split personality from years of constant repeated torture and the fact the blood coursing through her veins only helped provoke her further into a Dissociative identity disorder, could only listen to her mind freely speak.
        Sure, Liara knew that pushing the pain down deep away helped her coup with everything that happened to her on the constant while within the HYDRA Cooperation. She also knew that one day the pain had to resurface, but never did she ever think on how her mind could, and did fracture in the manner it did. She was strong, however apparently her mind wasn't as such as the rest of her new genetic makeup. Liara crawled to a wall, sat with her back flush upon it, bringing her legs into an embrace. A long intake of breath was let go as she lifted her head to stare at the ceiling. A lingering close of the eyes as she tried to clear her mind of any disturbances. Lifting the phone to her ear as it began to ring.
        "You do know the text was a dead giveaway." Liara dryly began.
        The voice that came back through was chipper, despite the time. "I have no idea what you mean, but I'm glad you called. I, ahhh, we miss you."
        A soft chuckle, "who doesn't. Please tell me that in my absence, you have upgraded our boyfriend at least from that trap phone he always uses."
        "Negative, but since you called." There was a change of the phone, as it was put onto speaker. "Grandpa, your girlfriend wants to know..."
        A huff as Liara heard the slight groan from the scientist, whom was always at the side of his best friend. "Look, you texted, I just need to know what's so damn urgent. I left, big whoop. I can't stand being around with the atmosphere the way that it is there right now. Sexual tension spread out within all of you. Too many disgusting smells."
        "I have no idea what you mean. Or could you mean the look that I picked up on at the meeting." Tony started.
        There was a content moan, then a suck at her teeth. "Could be, then again let's see. There is the fact that Phe is on the loose, eyeing Capitán Puerto Rico. Alana being back, stuck on stupid as soon as she saw the cheap Hacksaw Jim Duggan knockoff. Your boyfriend over there with the beaker in hand, that I have yet to be invited to join in on, may I add. Him, yes, the one playing with the spider. I could continue."
        "You weren't invited because Science Bros..." Stark began. 
        "Hey! I can science. Hell, I can get a strap-on since it's like that." The cockiness in her voice now matched Stark's.
        Tony fired back, "Remember you don't do science."
        "Cute, did you also know that you don't do Alanas, you did Phoenix. Oh wait, did I just hurt your feelings? Go ahead, breathe normally, come on. In. Out. It'll be okay. You enjoyed it, she seems the better lover than Scary Sherry anyhow." Yellow eyes danced as she was the one quicker to the punch than he, this time.
        "Liara." The tone in which he said it, stirred something deep within her.
        A deep gulp, more than vibrant yellow orbs rolled closed. "Take me off speaker."
        Banner exited the room with phone in hand. "What are you saying?"
        On instinct, Liara's head turned to the right, taking in the bed with it's entirety. Her voice became quiet and distant. Completely lack of the dominance that was there only seconds ago. "Exactly what I meant. What is happening that you needed to reach out to me?"
        "Fury is well, beyond heated. Ross is hounding Tony. You..." Bruce furrowed his brow.
        Liara, whom had lifted herself from the floor. Made her way to the bedside, leaned down and lovingly kissed the brow of a sleeping child. Her eyes teared, unable to tear themselves away. "I." her voice broke, "what?"
        The way she asked soft and vulnerable, full of emotion, infuriated the timid man. Which showed even more with his tone. "You left."
        "I had to." A stray tear rolled quickly down her right cheek.
        Banner knew within his heart Liara was hurting, but his lack of knowledge as to why was killing him inside. "I should have stopped you."
        "You couldn't have. Nothing would've kept me from being here where I belong. The green sweet Hyde, or the evil Jekyll that watched me leave."
        "I made you leave?" The worry lines did nothing but crease even further.
        "No." Liara shook her head, as if Bruce could actually see her, "Men trying to dominate me is fun, especially when it's the furthest out of their character that it could be. I... I just have something far more important than any of you in my life here."
        Banner sat on the couch in his boarding room, in which he finally reached. "I'm so..."
        "Jekyll, I swear to the universe that if you finish that statement, I will personally kick your and Hyde's ass." Her voice was threatening, but at least in a better tone.
        There was a disgruntled moan, "Liara, I should have not done what I did to you earlier. You are hur..."
        There was a knock at his door that startled him, but Liara heard it coming. "Please answer it, it's your happiness awaiting."
        "Nothing is more important than this conversation at hand. You forget yourself. You are one of us. If I can help you through this, then I will." Banner and his anger were growing.
        "I don't need you Jekyll."
        Her defeated tone pushing him past the breaking point. "Tell me where you are."
        "I can't." Fighting herself tooth and nail to not succumb to his demeanor.
        However, Liara could tell he was almost there, his eyes had to have that beautiful green to them by now. When his voice reverberated back, she knew it. "Now."
        "Please Robert, stop. If I tell you I'm here for a reason, I mean it. Yes I'm broken down. That's what I do right? It's everything I am. It's all I know. You better not come looking for me. You won't find me." Her voice now pleaded to deaf ears.
         Something came through the phone, cockiness. Self assurance. "No. However you forget he can." 
         With his words echoing in her mind, Liara panicked. "Dammit."
         Nothing but the phone being dropped, bouncing on the carpet a few times, followed by an opening window was heard. Ripping clothes were the last thing Liara allowed herself to hear before ending the call.
         "Well, I hope you're fucking happy. Your pitiful sulking has Prince Charming on the way. And with as much pheromones you're putting off, he'll be here within minutes. Good thing we both want to be bouncing on that. Cause a Bitch needs consoling. And I mean till the cows come home. This should be painfully enjoying." Strong glowing eyes cut to the left, then a left brow raised high on her face.

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