Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


4. Welcome Back

        "So this is how you pass your time? Kicked back in an office, pushing paper. Hmm, I should have known." Liara plopped down in an oversized chair opposite Nick Fury.

        He swiveled his chair around, facing her while placing his enlaced hands on the desk that separated them. "Still with the cap and hoodie I see. I'm not even going to ask how you got here unnoticed."

        She scrunched her nose, followed by a shoulder shrug, "I walked."

        He raised his brow, "you walked."

        "Yep, and uncoincidentally, quite casually." She gave him a toying perplexed look.

        He only smiled and shook his head, "how easy?"

        "You don't want to know." She pulled her right cheek taught into a grimace.

        "How many times did you access our computers?" His fingers tightened.

        "Never. When I said I was gone, I meant it." Liara furrowed her brow.

        Fury only raised his.

        "Oh my god! So the one time, the one time that I tell the truth, you don't believe me? Whatever, you wouldn't have known if I did anyhow." She retrieved her earbud from behind her ear, sliding it within her ear in one swoop.

        Fury arose and made his way to the looking glass window. Liara joined him.

        She turned her music down, "that's what this is about."

        "Yes, quite a large number of Intel has been stolen, untraceable source, to us. We've gotten as far as we can get." He only stared aimlessly to the crashing waves.

        "Romanoff was unsuccessful?" She gazed at her shoes. 

        "As far as we can go." Fury looked down to her.

        "Only the tech, I wasn't even kidding on anything I stated years ago." A large wave splashed the window, signaling the violent change to come in the sea.

        "I figured as much. You did say that Guerra was gone forever, and Oscuridad is the only one left in her wake." He rubbed at his chin.

        "Naturally." She backed away from the window, she still didn't do water in all these years.

        Fury cut his eyes, to watch the woman leave the window to sit on the desk. "Now, since you are somewhat back, I think I have something that will entice you to, I don't know, to fully commit."

        Liara tore her eyes away from the waters to follow the S.H.I.E.L.D. director. 

        "You still hate the water?" Fury seemed authentically intrigued.

        "I'm not a big fan, no." Liara shook her head.

        "You know, you never told me..." Fury began.

        "Nor will I ever. A girl must keep a sense of mystery to herself, mustn't she?" Cutting him off.

        The two continued into the far reaches of the ship. The bowels were just as she remembered them. Nothing changed but the staring faces of the people here. They were a lot younger, and most she'd never seen in her life. A few familiar smells greeted her, giving her knowledge that at least some of the crew and agents were still lingering. The echos within the vessel were unbearable, causing Liara to swiftly raise the volume and kept her head down. Her sanctuary was in her music. These corridors were going to be the death of her, all over again. She was thankful that the rooms were over spacious and had far better insulation.

        Fury rounded a corner, one that she knew all too well. The motherboard of the entire craft and her secrets were located here under steep security, which was far too simple to crack for Liara's advanced talent. There were too many times that she had snuck in here to toy with the mainframe, just to escape everything and everyone.

        Fury stopped to give her a look.

        Liara tisked through her teeth. "You act as if I've never been in here."

        He allowed his retina to be scanned and the computer replied with his name.

        She leaned on the wall, waiting for the door to slide open. All the while watching Fury in his security protocol. "You know you have a major problem."

        "No kidding." He passed through the threshold.

        The moment Liara entered the room, she gasped, " I'm so in."

        "Just like that?" Fury smirked.

        "Well let me see, for starters, there are major components missing. No one has any clue to how or whom, that information is what you are depending on me to give to you. Romanoff, as good as she is, isn't so much so. Inside job, whether it be provoked or initialized from said person. I don't have much at stake as the rest of you, but I'll be nice and do you a solid." She spoke as she brushed past him to reach and begin trailing her fingers along the various cords and various sizes of fibers and connections.

        "A solid?" Fury closed in on the woman in the barely lit room.

        "Of course, and by the way things are going, you are in the hole." Liara squatted behind a large screen, examining the damage. "You do realize that calling in said favor, will be ever so delicious. Be prepared."

        He raised his brows and jerked his head to the side.

        "You need me. Your words." She raised her voice a bit.

        "And when exactly did I say that?" Fury crossed his arms as his stance stiffened.

        Liara came back into view with her hand cupped. "When you spent resources to hunt me down, to which I thought it cute enough to lead you to me." She handed said item to him.

        "You do realize that I had to use more than over a million dollars of this country's funding." He took the tiny item that was no bigger than an earring's closure.

        "I'm supposed to care?" She raised her brows. As she slowly headed toward the doorway.

        Fury followed in toe, until they both ended up back in his office. He placed the mechanical device on his table. Liara sat down across from him, "Whatever you do with that, please make sure to have Stark scan it first. He'd love to see the magic that it can perform."

        "Li..." Fury began.

        "It's dead. It has lived its purpose. Although it does still have information within it. You won't let me touch anything here. Besides, any basic person able to operate a computer can see what secrets it holds. No biggie. Now before I go... I..." she let a breath go as she lifted her eyes to hold Nick's gaze. "I wanted to say thank you."

        "For what." Fury smirked.

        "No seriously," she barely shook her head. "I spent years trying to find where they had everything hid, and somehow you were able to find it. Even with me possessing these computer skills weren't able to do."

        Fury could see the sincerity in her demeanor. "It's like you have always said."

        She chuckled as she stared at her lap. "I can't hack pen and paper."

        "Indeed. Off with you." Fury stood to usher Liara from his office.

        "You still owe me," Liara replied as soon as she walked into the hall. "And believe you me, I ain't cheap."

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