Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


21. Trouble

        Liara took a deep breath as Bruce tightened his grip around her. A light kiss was received with a huge smile the man behind her could only feel. She wrapped one of her arms around his. Yellow eyes closed as this moment was being etched into her memory.

        As beautiful as this was, Liara knew it was nothing more than a lie. Just a fragment of her hopes and a piece of her dreams. It could never be more than this. So here it would stay. Locked, tucked away far into the dark reaches within her tangled mind to rot away. Maybe one day to comfort her, on that one rare occasion Liara would allow herself to think of what could have been, without any secrets.

        They were laying on the stone ground. Neither wanting to move, to disturb the bliss that had overcome the other. Liara took a sharp breath as she now cradled Bruce's right arm that held her tightly within his embrace. Situating her weight caused Banner to pull his left arm up and his fingers to trace the lips he lacked view of.

        Liara lightly kissed Bruce's fingertips that continued to burn against her skin. "You remember why I never liked to be touched?"

        "You mean besides the smell transfer?" There was a rasp in his voice that warmed Liara's entirety. 

        The woman lowered her head with a defeated huff, "yes genius. Besides the transferal of the horrid personal odor."

        "Umm... so... I... I stink." Bruce trailed his fingers down to her neck.

        As intoxicating as his smell and touch were, there was no manner in which Liara was going to loose herself to her urges. "Quite. Let's see, you haven't bathed and you really need it, also there could be the fact that..."

        "My touch drives you just about as mad as my testosterone level." Bruce felt the slight head jolt downward from the woman that laid willingly in his arms.

        "Ha! You so wish, what you even talking bout. Annnyway." There was a tsk, that amused Bruce. "Which is extremely high might I add. That Adam's apple, chest carpet and facial hair that grows like wildfire, just I guess it ran out when it came to your voice deepening. But hey, at least Hulk has you covered in that department." Even though Banner lacked seeing her face, he knew Liara carried a cocky left brow. She always did.

        A heavy breath parted Liara's hair. "Which is why you are attracted more so to him."

        "Okay." The woman that laid beside him, within his arms, who's head rested on his left bicep shrugged while commenting.

        Bruce furrowed his brow. Liara felt his actions as well his change in attitude. She shook her head. Turned to face him. In one fail motion, she took her right hand, and forced the man to lay on his back. Straddled him as her left hand mimicked the right, pinning Banner down. Her hands wrapped tight around his shoulders as her fingers now dug into Banner's flesh. Bright yellow eyes were barely peeking through her lashes.

        She leaned down close, took a huge inhale of the tender skin that still heavily carried a love mark. She ran her tongue over it, dragged it up his flesh, to stop at his ear. As chills ran heavily over Bruce, a satisfying moan echoed in his ear.

        "I chose you Robert Banner." Liara now hovered dangerously close to Bruce's face as the animal within Liara was the one that had taken over. Her bright eyes burning an angry stare into his. Her voice had deepened, and the scientist could tell that in his lack of judgment he upset her. Banner tried to lift himself, Liara only shoved him harder into the rock. "From the get go. Everything about you, this manifestation was what enthralled me. Don't you get it?"

        Guerra once again pushed the shoulders of the man under her as she lifted off of him, disgusted. She shook her head while walking away, lifted a hand and dragged it down the right side of her face. As she let out a bothered growl, she could hear Banner clear his throat.

        "Liara..." Bruce began.

        She spun around, throwing her hand up quickly from her cheek. "No, you are not going to sit there and ask for forgiveness. Or tell me that you didn't know. Or any other random excuse. You knew what you meant to me, and you still do. This is why I so cannot do this anymore. You hold me in your arms just like that, and I remember everything. It all comes flooding back." Banner took the woman once again in his embrace. He kissed her brow. Liara lowered her head as she shook it. "It hurts."

        "Look at me." With his voice, Liara had to obey, she always did. Whether it was the wolf or her, this man was her Alpha, and he dominated her entire being. Nervous eyes took in her owner. "I want you, us back. I want this to work."

        A fake laugh, "Even knowing that I can never give you what you deserve and that this escape is nothing more than a lie? Then when we get back to base, everything will be the same as before. You go back to the arms of Red and I go back to hating you more than everyone else, because that is what I do best. Disappear for a few days at a time, and come back when Nicholas calls."

        A furrow of the brow, "where exactly do you..."

        "None of your business." Yellow eyes looked him up and down.

        Bruce raised a thick brow.

        A roll of the neck was returned with extra attitude. As her lips pursed to the right.

        "Did you treat your husband like this?" A quick raise of the brows.

        Liara smiled, threw her head back as she chuckled, "oh you have no idea."

        In lowering her head, Liara's lips were encountered with a hungry kiss and roaming hands. Liara broke away, turned to head for the entrance of the cave. "Wee umm need to go back. It's getting late."

        "Liara I want you," came a husky whisper in her right ear. As tender hands grabbed her upper arms, stopping her effortlessly.

        As intoxicated as she was, the woman closed her eyes and took a depleted breath, "Robert, I can't. I really can't. Like I said, there are many reasons to, but even more than that to not to. This has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with me. I'm not right, and going all the way with you... GOD knows I want to. But then what? Back to the hidden affair? I deserve better than that, so do you. Then there's the fact..."

        "Don't go there." Bruce kissed her right temple.

        Yellow eyes stared down past the ground, heavy in thought. Her voice was melancholy. "Actually, I was going to tell you that I agree with you after all these years, qué curioso no? (how curious is it not)."

        A slow shake of the head as a slight narrow of the eyes was all Bruce took in. He made his way in front of her, concerned, but refusing to interrupt.

        "A child made by me would be a death sentence for the poor beautiful criatura (child). Which is why I am continuously taking steps to rid myself of the ability to bear young." Another long breath, "even though nothing ever works."

        The woman in front of Bruce was in mental anguish. He knew for a fact she loved children and always wanted to have them. Children were always attracted to her and her energy, the latest example was Rosa in Mexico. She slowly looked up to him with narrowed lips as he started. "I'm s.."

        Liara slightly turned her head to the left, rolled her eyes, poked her bottom lip out as she shrugged. "So no abominations for me."

        "So what you are really saying is that I have a choice." Banner played on her mellow tone.

        "No. I am saying that we need to get back to base before I kick your ass. I ain't no choice. Hell you talking about, I'm the best thing that ever happened to you, but you are too naive to realize. They always said that you can only be one type of smart, and they ain't ever lied. You have all the book smarts in the world, but you Jekyll lack common damn sense, and that's a damn shame. I feel for you, I really do." Raised brows and a jerk of the neck.

        Bruce pulled her into his embrace, hard enough that her body crashed into his. "Jekyll huh."

        "Oh no, you think that man handling me will change my mind? It's too late for you boo boo. I have moved on and I wi..." the man ran a curled forefinger down the right side of Liara's face.

        A cocky Banner whispered in the right ear of the woman within his embrace. "So you don't want me back right."

        A tsk. "Hell naw."

        A cocky smile overtook his face as Banner looked into glowing eyes. "So this means." He now circled his finger in front of her face.

        "That I hate you." Liara narrowed her eyes at his pleasure.

        A smirk. "Good."

        Liara tussled with the man, "let me go, I refuse to let you kiss me. Or touch me."

        "Oh, because you are all that right, and I forgot, because I stink." Bruce chuckled, as Liara let out a disgruntled growl.

        "Oh baby, I am all that. Which is why you crave me." Liara changed her thrashing for more seductive movements. "Yes, you smell utterly retched. But mostly because your touch leaves the worst burn that I have ever felt."

        She had the devil in her eye, Liara wanted him, and Bruce knew it. He ran a hand under her shirt along the small of her back. She gasped as her body shuttered violently and covered completely in goosebumps. Liara grabbed his hoodie and pulled him into her hungry lips. Bruce backed away. Liara reached and caressed his left cheek.

        "Make me whole again Robert." Her voice was labored. "Even if this is a stolen moment, here it will stay."

        Bruce shook his head, as loud dazed love drunk eyes took him in. "This will never just stay here."


        "You think that we should go back and retrace our steps Sir? We are bound to find them." Maria Hill asked through an intercom.

        Fury stood behind a window, looking over the trees that swayed in the wind, he shook his head. "Negative Hill. No one has reported either of them, so they are still hidden. Stark has informed me that Guerra is without any form of tech, so she is bound to show up here whenever she pleases. Hell knowing her she's..."

        "Already here." Liara plopped down on an oversized leather chair. "I just love when I'm in the mouth of others. Take that as you will."

        Fury turned around to see Liara laying with her head propped on one chair arm and her legs draped down the other. "Two days."

       "Are you sure? Cause I only remember one." Yellow eyes thought for a moment then with a raised brow she recalled her eventful time with a certain scientist. "Aren't you going to like I don't know, hug me. Kiss me, confess your dying love for me? A girl does like that type a thing you know."

        Fury gave her a look, "you're fine I see."

        "I know right! But then again, you've known that for the better part of what, two decades." A smirk and a humorous chuckle was given in response to the Director walking over to her and slapping her legs off the chair arm as he took their place, facing her.

        Fury reached inside his pants pocket as Liara repositioned herself. She crossed her legs as she still sat sideways in the chair, giving him her full attention.

        "I'm relieved that you are fully," he took a glance at her as she nodded that she was indeed in good condition, "healed."

        Liara reached for his right hand, and pried it open. There within he held her earbuds. "You can't do that to yourself. I won't allow you. I knew the risks, much as everyone else. I could have left, escaped the danger. However if I did, then I wouldn't have been able to keep an eye on any of you. Besides, you granted me with an escape plan. Which worked flawlessly."

        The forceful hand that opened his now tenderly held it, "you almost..."

        "Now we're even. Cause there was a video that I saw, yeah you know the one. That was not cool in the least, you had me all up in my feelings, much like you got yourself right about now." Liara placed her other hand over his, that he slid out, leaving the earbuds within her hands.

        Liara had heard them long before they entered, for one was being forced here against his will. One that still carried her scent, a coy smirk covered her face while yellow eyes took in Fury's right thigh. "So like you two are like a thing right. Cause I so ship it."

        "You really need to learn to knock tin man." Liara turned to take in Stark and Bruce that stood nervously by his side, in a change of clothes.

        Liara tilted her head as she barely narrowed her eyes when Tony moved toward her and Fury, who remained seated on the chair arm. Her head followed the man in a dark gray suit, her eyes narrowed a little harder as she furrowed her brow. She lowered her head as Nick walked with the man to the other side of the room, heavy in conversation. She had blocked out their conversation as she deepened her brow. It was on the verge of anger.

        "What is it?" Came a whisper to the right of Liara. Bruce had come and was squatted beside the chair, facing her. She side eyed him, as a smirk pulled her right cheek tight.

        "You changed," she turned her head completely to him. "Purple is so your color."

        "I know." Banner reached for the earbuds that Liara held within her hand.

        Yellow eyes took in the carpeting just below her seat, "that is the last thing I remember. Ripping these out of my ears."

        "Which is all this guy's fault." Tony chimed in.

        Liara shook her head, "umm no. The correct one was injured. For the only one that heals faster is Jekyll here when he Hyde's all out. If someone else went down, then either they wouldn't be here to tell the tale, or they'd still be in the infirmary. Calm your hothead down for a second and think about it."

        "She's right Tony. You can continue to be pissed with Fury, but I know more than anyone that..." confused yellow eyes caught his attention. "That... she protected each and everyone one of you until you were safe. Vibrations and nothing more were the only things felt from everyone else."

        "Apparently you aren't the only one all up in your feelings, Nicholas." Liara smirked as she took in a bothered Stark.

        The black haired man raised a finger to his right temple, "so we're not going to discuss."

        "I'd rather discuss the reason you stink. My GOD that reek coming off of you is retched. You smell like, ugh you smell like you had sex with a hobo in a manure filled dumpster. I knew you were gross, but damn son." Liara's entire body shivered as her nose turned.

        Bruce gave the most confused look as Fury shook his head.

        "Speaking of which, he is full of..." Tony began.

        "Now see, I knew you was freaky, but wooow I was thinking that you still got down with chicks. Better be careful Jekyll, he got his eye on you for real for real. That I sooo ship." Tony threw his head back bothered in the manner the woman just brushed everything off as if it didn't matter. Liara's eyes raised once in his reaction.

        There was a knock on the door, Fury exited to speak with Hill.

        Tony sat at the desk as he rambled throughout it's contents. Liara walked over to him as he extracted a manila folder. "While you and Loverboy here were making up for lost years, yes I know, aww so cute."

        Liara sat down on the desk, interested in what Stark had in his hands.

        "Um... no." Bruce began as two sets of eyes gave him a weird look.

        "You forgot to tag your pairing. Besides Brutasha is canon. You should have seen how they were all comfy cozy in the lab." Liara raised her brows rapidly.

        Tony shook his head, "nope, the Biara is so real. OTP."

        "That's a sunk ship boo boo." They both chuckled, at a bothered Banner.

        "Aww don't be like that now, it's all out of love. Well her love is completely different from my mine, just saying." Tony took a short breath.

        "Can we please just not do this anymore. It's getting rather... rather tiresome." The scientist voiced.

        "Aww he's just testy cause he doesn't understand the ignorant folk and their constant babble." Yellow eyes smiled as they drank Bruce in.

        "Quite. However I do have one that his genius mind will understand perfectly clear. Thunderbolt." Stark and Liara both stared at Bruce as he quickly took to the other side of the desk. Interested more than ever in what Stark held within his hands.

        "So father-in-law was here?" Guerra turned her attention to Stark.

        A nod, as he passed the folder to the scientist. "In all his loathed glory."

        "Did you impregnate your beloved Betty long ago? Now grandpappy is back looking for..." Liara began.

        "You." Banner's face was ridden with concern as looked up to her from behind the frames he placed on his nose not too long ago.

        "What?" Liara moved to try and snatch the information from Banner, but he moved before she got a good hand on it. So she turned to Stark, "So let me get this straight. l have been chosen by this guy that has this personal vendetta with Jekyll. Why?"

        "Because the bastard wants you gone." Called the voice that clicked the door shut behind him.

        Before Liara could turn to face Fury, a folder was handed over her shoulder. "Global Nuisance? Well damn."

        Bruce tore his eyes from the information in his grasp as he watched Liara open the file and begin reading. She gave off no hint of any emotion as she read. She placed the folder neatly on the glass desk as she finally spoke up. "At least that is a nice picture. A little old, but I was cute."

        "Liara?" Fury called to her.

        "Hmm?" Her gaze lingered on each man, "everything that you read there is true. There's more that isn't there of course, I mean a looot more. I love the little snide Stark comment, that was everything... Ohhh, you all thought that I would be all up in my feelings reading this? Well, sorry, I'm no damsel in distress. Everyone in this little club has a very black past. It is what it is. I've been taking care of myself for a long time and this is no exception."

        "Guys, I'm going to get to the bottom of this. He trusts me and I can get inside info. You," Stark walked over to Liara and kissed her on the top of her head. Liara took this as perfect timing to retrieve her phone from his back pocket, since it had been constantly vibrating since his arrival. "Stop feeling on my ass in front of everyone. I told you later on we would have we time."

        There was a growl, "Nicholas can I play with your little robot pahleeease?" She turned her head to the right, listening for a response, "hmm, I take that as a 'no'."

        Tony returned to Fury's swivel chair and started discussing the information with Bruce.

        The She Wolf started for the door, Fury in toe. "Are you okay?" He reached a hand around her upperarm.

        "Why wouldn't I be? Someone I know is trying to alienate me. This is why I never let anyone in Nicholas. Humans are hate, plain and simple." Liara allowed the man to pull her into an embrace.

        "Not all of us. I'm sorry that you were hurt. I'm just glad you are ok."

        "And that I had sense enough to bring your muscle back to you? You're welcome." A smirk pulled Liara's right cheek tight as she heard the change in Bruce's heart rate. Jealousy was always his thing, especially with Fury.

        "Where are you going?" Nick called after her as Liara quickly walked away.

        "I have someone that I need to speak with." As soon as Liara turned the corner she was letting her nose lead her.

        Down two flights of stairs, she jumped without breaking a stride. She jolted open the door leading to various rooms. Liara marched down the hall with the smell getting stronger and stronger. She had to have passed three rooms, of new unfamiliar inhabitants. In which she could care less in. No, what had her mind in a trance was the last room around another corner.

        There it was just to her right. Door number 13. Funny, this was so fitting. Liara took a long inhale as she knocked on the door. The person just on the other side was reading a book. Wolf smell and hearing working in unison, painting the picture. Not moving fast enough in Liara's opinion. Another rap at the door.

        This time the door was being unlatched, Liara waited patiently as the door was slowly opened. Another calming breath was taken as the person within the room came into view. "Bestfriend, come in. You look well."

        Liara smirked and entered. She was about to say something when her phone vibrated. She read the message, then returned her attention to the woman before her. "I am now."

        "Bruce took care of you I see." Liara rushed the small framed woman that held a smirk on her face.

        The women crashed into the wall. One's back making an encircling divot, encasing her. While the larger held the petite's neck within her crushing grip.

         Liara leaned within inches of the woman's fiery eyes. "Does he know?" Her voice was low, evil and menacing. Daring. Threatening the celestial being of anything.

        "Why should I? He's been enjoying it for a good minute now." There was a devious smile that irked Liara to her core.

        Liara snarled, as she let the woman go, "you disgusting vile..."

        "Where are you going." The caramel skinned woman forced through a swelling throat, as the She Wolf had the door opened. "You don't want to do that. I'll make you regret it."

         Liara slammed the door, tightly closed her glowing eyes. "So a man that thinks he's sleeping with Alana doesn't deserve to know he's bedding a parasite? Really?"

         "Even if he loves it? Bruce has sex with a mutt, but I say nothing." A cough.

         The wolf blood infused woman spun on a dime, "say that again, Phe. Just one more time. I really didn't hear you. Sounds to me that you're in need of a confession. And anything I do to you is justification enough for what you did to me. Where the hell is Alana?"

        "Who cares. This is what she wanted. Knowing her she's doing what I was. But with that huge guy, what's his face? Long hair, stupid accent. You know, one of the ones you hate." Phoenix continued to hold her neck.

         Yellow eyes lost their luster, "I hate everyone. Regardless, I'll leave you to tend to yourself."

        Phoenix lifted herself from the floor and reached for Liara. "I hate to do this, but your bitch ass can't go blabbing."

        The two women tussled, until Phoenix fired an energy burst from her hands, into Liara's stomach. The larger woman fell over, unable to move. As the smaller woman fell to her knees beside her. "Stop Phe. I never once did anything to you."

       As the smaller woman reached two fingers to the light olive woman's forehead, "I do this for your own good. You'll forget this, right along with Banner. But what fun. He'll remember bedding you, oh so will his Dumbass side. This is going to be so much fun. You will hate him again just like before. When he broke your heart, and he'll be so damn clueless. I'm going to erase these horrid visions of y'all from my mind as well. Cause just eww."

After Phoenix erased Liara's mind, she phased them both back to the She Wolf's room. Making sure she made it look like the yellow eyed woman came here on her own. Before leaving she laughed and phased back to her own room.

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